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Dry mouth

Well the title says it all really. I have a really dry mouth! It’s been something I’ve been aware of for ages & not really bothered about but I’ve noticed recently that I need to constantly be drinking or chewing gum to be comfortable & as soon as I’m not doing one or the other I’m pretty quickly looking for more gum or getting another drink. It’s not a big problem but I’m starting to wonder if it’s something I need to investigate. A quick search on shift only seemed to pick things related to treatments so I don’t know, is it ever an ms thing or do I need to look elsewhere? Anyone else had anything similar?

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10 months ago

@lilbird , there’s a piece here about dry mouth, on Page 2 :-

There is also another auto-immune condition, Sjögrens Syndrome, which can cause a dry mouth:-

10 months ago

i heard it could also be related to thyroid, as you’re on lemtrada, when was your last thyroid check? maybe worth mentioning at your next MS nurse appointment?

10 months ago

Thanks @stumbler that’s interesting I’m intrigued by “dry mouth toothpaste” I wonder what that’s like 🤔 I also looked at the sjogrens page & slipped down the rabbit hole for a little while clicking links & finding more & more things I can identify with, so I’m going to stop that now before I drive myself crazy & wait till I can talk to someone about it I think! 😉

10 months ago

Hi @noelie I hadn’t though about it being a thyroid issue & can’t remember when my most recent thyroid check was so that’s definitely something I need to check out, thanks 😊

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