peterfrancis 05/04/18
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Drooling, Slobbering?.

Has anyone experienced themselves drooling and slobbering for no apparent reason?.
Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed my self salivating a lot more than usual.

After doing a little research online I could nothing with any connections to MS.
I do get a dry mouth a lot of the time too…. Weird.

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2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

I’ve experienced it. It went away fortunately.

2 weeks ago

I don,t drool but my lips get sticky when i lick my lips, i use baby wipes all the time, i found out its because i don,t drink a lot so im dehydrated but if i drink a lot i need the toilet.

2 weeks ago

@prince, you need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day average, everyone does MS or not.
I get what you’re saying about needing the toilet a lot more, I have that too. But don’t stop drinking just to save needing to pee more often, it’s not healthy.

2 weeks ago

Peter, I drool a lot Night and day, things get worse on a bad day, I also ‘spit’ a lot so friends know to keep their distance on a bad day! I assume this is is a symptom I can’t do anything about so have had to learn to live with it. As always when it first started people thought I’d had a stroke and living with a tissue stuffed up the sleeve has become the norm.😍

2 weeks ago


Bingo – stroke was my first thought reading the original post. My right arm went dead while sleeping; they diagnosed a pinched nerve. When all was said & done – spine surgery. When that did not solve the problem, a brain scan occurred. MS was the diagnosis explaining a lot of my challenges.

To make a long story short, everyone is different. What works for one does not for another. Why one drools is minor; if one slobbers that might be important. But a minor stroke is my first thought.

2 weeks ago

Pete, didn’t realise you were so close, I’m in Stoke but I digress everyone with ms is born with it, men and women. When autopsies are done, they have found ms that the person didn’t know they had. First case in court in a few years ago, middle aged lady badly hurt in car crash, ms developed 6 weeks later, neurologist proved in court that the crash was “major trauma to the body and therefore responsible for the ms symptoms. She won her case and a big payout. Pregnancy does the same, a woman might sail through her pregnancy but it is still a major trauma to our bodies, but luckily not enough to stop us having children or else the world population might suffer!

2 weeks ago

I have trouble with drooling at night, last night was it was bad. It got worse after I had a upper molar pulled. I have a little bridge you take in and out but was told I couldn’t wear it to bed. Potter

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