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Driving with MS

Holy moly! I went on vacation. I drove 5 hours with 2 stops on the way down last week. I recovered pretty quickly. Well maybe it was only stopping once on the way back? Stopped with my mother to eat about 40 minutes in. Then drove another 4 hours & some. It has taken 2 days for my muscles to un-clench. I’m on 80mgs of Baclofen on regular days. The days I drove, my MS specialist allowed me to take 200mgs! You’d think it would have helped! I’ve only started feeling better in the last hour, after spending nearly 24 hours just resting. I’m so sick of the pain and fatigue that I never experienced before 6 years ago when I had my first attack. I think I’m just posting to whine where others understand. I also think maybe I wasn’t hydrated enough, and that is why it’s taken so much longer to recover a week later than the first drive. Both times I made sure to stretch beforehand, so I guess drinking enough water was really the only difference. Won’t be making that mistake again!

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9 months ago

I still drive (that’s when I’ve got a car, which I haven’t at the moment because mr government took my mobility car in Feb and I have to go to court and argue my case before a judge to get my Award back. I have had a mobility car for 19 years, use an electric wheelchair and a mobility scooter but apparently I’m insufficiently disabled to warrant one!) Anyway I digress, 2 hrs is my limit for driving, I tow a caravan, so either don’t go more than 2 hours away, or organise my trip with stops at sites overnight or long breaks. But each of us is so different that you have to work out what’s right for you.😍

9 months ago

@pretty521kitty , it does take time to learn about our thresholds. And, once we’ve learnt about them, they’ve probably changed again!

Life is one big lesson…… 😉

9 months ago

Gosh, I would never have been able to drive 4 hours in a stretch, even before my MS days! If we ever drive anywhere, two hours is the absolute max before having a break. Be kind to yourself! 🙂

9 months ago

I just came back from driving down to Stirling to collect my dog from family. Had my youngest with me (aged 10) and we stop mainly to stretch legs and use the loo every 90 mins! I know every loo stop between here and N Yorks! We take ages getting anywhere but it makes it better and you don’t end up unable to walk very well. I was very tired next day but not as bad as when I drove to Yorkshire at New Year – usually end up staying in a premier inn on the way to anywhere if it’s gonna be a longer trip than 3 or 4 hours.

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