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Driving & Walking on Sativex

After my customary 4 sprays and a 20 minute wait for side effects to subside, I shuffled out the back door with my sticks. I thought today might be good for ditching the crutches and, ffs,I needed a challenge. Also, I had not been out driving for over a week thanks one week without a Sativex prescription.

I was pleased as I had managed to fit a suction tripod to the window so I could rant at the camera, thus proving the value of this medicine. £6 was a bargain I thought. It fell apart as I tried a minor adjustment. To lick my wounds I ordered a more expensive and hopefully more robust version.

It takes about 15 minutes to reach a small walk round Crackly Wood near Kenilworth. The wood provides an ‘almost’ flattish route. It’s funny how, what felt flat before MS now feels quite Pennine
in steepness…? And the there’s the muddy patches and other pedestrian traffic.

My husband didn’t think I’d make it round the wood and, to be honest, at the start, neither did I. It’s always the way and it’s a good job self doubt can soon be tackled. It came back and ambushed me on a few occasions and I used more Sativex than anticipated but I was learning how to use this medicine how it was designed to be.

Basically, I walked until I was in pain and seizing up. I then had 4 more sprays of Sativex, felt a bit dizzy but was able to continue walking PAIN AND SPASM FREE!!!!

It has taken nearly a year of titration to achieve these results. It takes time for the body to adjust to this medicine and I despair at doctors asking patients to access it’s efficacy based on a few sprays in ‘far from ideal’ surroundings.

I’ve put a few videos on my channel to show even more recovery. I’ll get round to doing the road trip soon.


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5 years ago

I walked about 1/3 of a mile round the woods btw.

I may have meant ‘assess’ but ‘access’ has meaning too.

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, @sarah0martin.
It’s good to know about how these medications can work, even if the NHS don’t really want to supply them!

5 years ago

Would love to try it but here in France they won’t even entertain the tought in fact there was a court case recently were a person was found to own a spray and he was fined and given a criminal record when I try to talk to my gp to possible up sites to this form of medication his reply is its illegal and therefore I can’t discuss this subject with you any further !
Shame but there you go if at his level it can’t be talked about there is no further talking !
Keep up your good work and I will follow your posts with interrest
All the best femke xx

5 years ago

Hi Sarah … I need to watch your videos later and learn more about Sativex but just wondered if you had tried pure weed? I was talking to my son last night and he was saying that to smoke it pure would cause a lot less side effects than the spray (?)

I need to read and learn a lot more but will probably buy a vaporizer and weed and see if it helps…. Wow it’s been years…


5 years ago

Any cannabis is good but Sativex is better. It’s incredible! No burnt plant matter involved at all.

5 years ago

Thanks Sarah!… I’ll read up on it and try one or the other 🙂 xxx

5 years ago

Just watched a few of your videos Sarah …. wow really is amazing! I’ll also follow your posts with interest and add this to the list of questions for neuro..

Thanks 🙂 xxx

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