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Hi guys, I was recently diagnosed with MS and still have some questions. I was wondering if somebody knows if you are able to drive after being diagnosed with MS??
I know I have to give notice to the authorities (DVLA) about my condition but do I have to carry a sticker on the back of my car so people know that I have MS??

Thanks everyone!!

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5 years ago

Welcome again, teddy. Your ability to drive is down to how your symptoms affect you.
I was diagnosed in ’97, although had MS since ’86. Fortunately, I have no visual problems. I recently filled out a questionnaire for the DVLA, who have only now put me on a 3 year license.
So, no definitive answer, it depends on what your GP and Neuro thinks.
Let your car insurance now too. They’re only interested in whether you’ve told the DVLA. They can’t put your premium up because of the diagnosis.
And, no, no badges on your car!

5 years ago

I’m in Ireland, but I think the UK is the same.
Notify your insurance company. Mine asked for a letter from my neurologist asking for a letter saying I was safe to drive. I may need to send one in everytime I renew- not sure yet.

5 years ago

I’m now on a 3 year renewable licence- when you inform the DVLA of your diagnosis they will send you a form to fill in and will follow up with your doctors to get confirmation that you’re ok to drive. It can feel really scary but try and remember that they’re not intent on just taking your licence away- for most people it will just be a renewable licence so that they can monitor your symptoms and identify if/when things like car adjustments might be helpful. Be warned, unless they’ve changed the letter since I got mine it opens with “we are revoking your licence” which really freaked me out, but the next sentence was “which we are replacing with a renewable one”. So don’t panic! 🙂

5 years ago

My licence remained a full one after I notified DVLA, but that was in 2003. Hearing the experiences of other people I think they’ve now changed the guidance so that it’s pretty inevitable you’ll be moved to a 3-year licence following an MS dx. I’ve also read countless stories of how slow the process is – you write to tell the DVLA and it can be many months before you get the final licence decision Having said that, it’s important you do tell them ASAP because if you had an insurance claim before the letter’s sent, you might well find the company wouldn’t pay out. The important thing to bear in mind is that you WILL still be able to drive – it’s just that, as with so many aspects of having this illness, hassle is involved!

5 years ago

gave up driving….eyesight isn’t sharp enough outside even though the optician says i’m driving standard. think the heat and daylight affects it.

5 years ago

Hey, I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS and I was not told anything about informing the DVLA, I had to ask the question on my follow up after 3months, didn’t realise that you also had to inform your car insurance provider also until I asked the MS Clinic… I wonder if I will be put on a 3 year renewable licence!!… Only time will tell.

5 years ago

@mvm21, it seems standard practice to be placed on a three year licence. This does have the bonus of never having to pay for a renewal licence. 🙂
Your car insurance company needs to be advised, but they’ll probably only be interested in whether you’ve advised the DVLA. They shouldn’t increase your premium because of this.

5 years ago

i have had MS fr nearly 15 yrs and didn”t know u had to notify anyone. whoops! ha ha

5 years ago

Thanks everybody for their responses! This was really usefull! It seems that having MS is not the end of the world at all. We have many options available! Cheers everyone!!

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