5 years ago
Drinking and ms

Hi I have actually relised how much I drink when am having a hard time like its a safety net to my relapses my husband is trying to encourage me to stop drinking all together I need something else to do if I can’t drink any one got any good copeing mechanisms ?

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Hello, I have struggled with alcoholism. If you feel like you have to drink to feel better or need something to help you cope, you might want to consider professional help. Many people close to me are alcoholics, I have used alcohol in the past to not only battle MS but other things in life too. If your husband would like you to stop drinking, it is because he cares and loves you and doesn’t want to see you deteriorate your health. I no longer drink, but I still crave alcohol sometimes, I just remind myself the reasons I quit drinking,…. my health. I have dealt with alcoholics that are very close to me, before and after I quit drinking, and I can say one thing for sure, alcohol destroys people and they’re families. That’s not to say if your someone that can have a drink or two and then not drink for some time that is bad, but i guess if you were one of those people you wouldn’t be asking how to cope. I only can say this because I have been through it and been on both sides of the fence. Good luck, and think about your husband, your friends and family and your health, if that doesn’t help you deal with it, you might be in deeper than you think.

At the risk of sounding a bit nuts (more than I normally do!) I’m actually trying self hypnosis, now I’m not expecting miracles from it but my trying isn’t hurting anyone and if I can get myself to sleep when my legs are fizzing then that’s a win!
It is a work in progress I hasten to add but I do seem to be getting more sleep where I would have reached for the taquila before in sheer desperation and lack of sleep!

I only drink when in 2much pain or like u said can’t sleep I am in the process of trying hypnosis aswell working well just now hoping works more and more in the future

That’s encouraging to hear and that is a great tattoo, I saw it and had to laughed!
I wasn’t sure what people would say to self hypnosis but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s thought of it, cheers . . . oh I mean er nice one!.

I smoke..and lets give a quick history: I grew up around tons of people doing drugs..never did them…when i started having severe pain my Dr prescribed me EVERY narcotic that everyone around me was – addicted too-dying from-and overdosing!Didn’t TOUCH my pain! someone suggested to try a “hit” -hesitantly and after i couldn’t take the pain anymore I did…Guess what?? INSTANT relief! So am I on the medical marijuana band wagon? Hell yeah! I take less than a puff that I would on a cigarette…and pain is gone and I can sleep!And it also helps get me out of my “poor me” depressions..

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