draginleg 12/03/18
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Well. I’m now out of work. My legs just won’t work. I’ve never been a day with out a job in 43 years. I don’t know how to not go to work every day. Guess I’ll figure it out. Started having problems 5 years ago. Now I can’t even do house hold chores. Construction worker my whole life. Mr manly. Really hard to cope. Sooo frustrating
No yard work. No carpentry work. Can’t do squat anymore. Trying to keep my spirit up. Don’t want to loose my mind along with my legs. I’m going to physical therapy and hope it’ll keep me out of the wheel chair. Not feeling good today. Ain’t got no gas in it. Just venting.

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1 month ago

Hello @draginleg, nice to meet you. Hey, you have Ocrevus over there, we have yet to get it approved in theUK, hows it going for you? Well, you, me and my lovely sister we’re all diagnosed recently, It’s so tough isn’t it? It’s kind of like having to say goodbye to yourself and go for a reinvent. Are you working at all?

I’m sorry you’re feeling so low at the moment. If it’s any consolation, everyone using Shift will understand you you feel and what you’re going through. It’s really hard waking to find that every day is a battle. Sometimes you feel like you don’t have the energy, I know. You will find a meaning to what your life is becoming, but the hardest thing is confronting that life is changing and isn’t the same any more. Don’t feel like you’re on your own. You’re not. Take a deep breath, plan in small steps, easy does it. Focus on your wellness. And keep posting x

1 month ago

Wow. My first post gets a response. I’m not very good at this social network stuff, but it’s something I’m going to have lots of time to practice at. I’ll be learning more about this communication process.

1 month ago

@draginleg , well, your working life was nearly at its logical end.

Try and see the positive side of things. You’re going to have a lot more time to devote to your leisure time interests. The internet is a wonderful resource.

The absence of workplace stress is an added bonus, which you health will benefit from.

Onwards and upwards, eh!

3 weeks ago

Nice to get positive feedback. I’m trying to learn this forum communication process. Might take me a few tries at it.

3 weeks ago

@draginleg, you’re doing fine with the “forum communication process”.

We have a rule of thumb here, if it feels right, then do it. 😉

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