taraking 01/03/18
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Dr Terry Wahls Live Event

Hey all
Just letting you know Dr Terry Wahls is doing a full day live event in Australia that will also be offered to be purchased as a livestream anywhere in the world. If you are interested go to

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4 months ago

$257.55??? Dreaming. What am I going to get that is not in her $15 book?

4 months ago

Woah she’s really milking it, isn’t she?

To think I got my OMS book for free (only had to pay shipping), can really see who genuinely wants to help those in need.

4 months ago

@taraking – I’ve registered hopefully can get live streaming from the event in Australia !

Exciting times

How do you feel on the protcol Tara. Level 2 here trying to get to level 3

Rachael x😊💪

4 months ago

Hey @racheallouise I am on Wahls 1 and doing great on that. I effectively follow a whole food diet with Loads of veggies – no diary no gluten no egg. Its really healthy and I enjoy it. It has kept my MS really stable for 3 years. Glad you registered for the Live Stream, as someone following the protocol you will find it valuable. She is really has a lot of valuable information

4 months ago

That’s interesting Tara I am reading her book at the moment so far love the way she explains in language I can understand ( hate technical jargon) and plan to start Wahls 1 though I have been gluten free diary free for a while so hoping the changes will go smoothly. So encoraging you’ve been stable for 3 years … 🙂

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