4 years ago
Downton Abbey and Shameless

Ok I’m extremely slow and have only just discovered these shows. This post has nothing to do with MS but I just have to say that UK TV is banging! Although I must admit that I love the US version of Shameless too. Just had to share that!

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Hi @mschronic,
Haven’t seen the American version but shameless is really funny, have you tried fisfits as well?

Downton….well the British do costume drama SO well. Shameless..also brill, esp the 1st series, made funnier because they could have placed it where I live. But a US version? No, honestly, its quintesensially BRITISH!!!!! wHY MUST THE US TRY TO COPY EVERYTHING? Philistines.

The US literally copy and pasted Shameless but it went on another tangent after a few episodes- it’s worth watching. @Gingus I’ll look up fisfits 🙂

I love Downton! It stinks that we have to wait a year after you lovely people get to view it 🙂 Please no spoilers haha

Hi there
Just a brag of a proud mum my son is one of the cameramen on shameless he just finished another week on Friday . Sorry have to show of sometimes .
All the best femke xx

I’ll speak up for some of the US TV shows that we have not copied from Britain. Some favorites are:
The Wire
Breaking Bad
Not the happiest shows, but entertaining.

I’ve also enjoyed Downton & Sherlock.

Downton and Shameless are both fab, especially the earlier serieses of Shameless. Wow, @femke, I think you’ve a perfect right to boast there! I think that US telly is also great @mschronic! I think Homeland is incredible and I’m a big fan of Mad Men too.

I LOVE Homeland- I’m waiting until the second series can come onto dvd so I can just hire it and watch non-stop (I hate having to wait every week and I especially hate ad-breaks). I actually haven’t watched MadMen I can’t tell you why though.

@femke I’d be proud of my son too if I were in your position (BOAST AWAY). Isn’t it great to just talk about ‘normal’ stuff sometimes like tv. I really appreciate this website more than you’ll know- I have a platform to air out my concerns and I know that people truly understand. Ok before I tear out the tissue paper I gotta go. Cheers fellow MSers

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