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Double vision & contact lenses

Hi all,

I have distance double vision caused by lesions on/near the optic nerves. It has gradually got worse over 2+ relapses, used to be really bad only when I was relapsing or tired/had too much gin. Now it’s there more or less all the time and I have glasses with prisms that correct for it beautifully.

I used to wear contact lenses for my shortsightedness all the time but they can’t correct for double vision, so I rarely wear them now.. I really hate wearing glasses all the time but need the prisms to drive – am ok for just daily stuff otherwise. Last time I went to the optician he said to wear the prism glasses when I felt I needed it, and suggested I could maybe get some glasses with only correction for the double vision, to wear WITH my contacts that correct for short-sightedness. But when I asked at my opticians (the woman at the counter, not the actual optician) she said she didn’t think that sounded like something they could prescribe.

Has anyone done this?? I’ve got an appointment with the optician coming up in a few weeks but would love to hear if anyone has experience with this?

Thanks! 🙂

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2 years ago

Hi , I had double vision for over a year. I continued to wear my contact lenses during this time for short sightedness. The optometrist would assess me with contact lenses in and adjust the prism for my glasses while wearing them . Eventually the double vision resolved with only a slight problem when I look out the corner of my eye. I hope that can sort this out for you and the double vision resolves.

2 years ago

Oh forgot to say I don’t think a general optician will be able to sort this for you. I was seen by an optometrist at my local NHS hospital who specialises in correcting these type of problems.

2 years ago

Thank you @krys, very happy to hear that it is possible to do it this way!! I feel much better about it now. Good tip about the optometrist – I saw them when I had my last relapse, but at the time I didn’t know it was because of MS as I’d yet to be diagnosed, so they weren’t actually all that helpful. (I even saw an eye doctor who more or less dismissed me as I clearly wasn’t dying, and he only said ‘I’ve got friends who get double vision when they’re tired, nothing to worry about’ – thanks!). If the optician doesn’t think the glasses/contacts are an option I’ll go back to the hospital and see if they can help.

Also – your double vision went away after a year?? That’s also good to hear – I’d assumed that it would be permanent now as it’s gradually got worse, but that gives me hope! 😀

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