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Double vision

Ha was emitted to the ER in middle of October with what I thought was vertigo only to be told they thought I had MS which was confirmed just before Christmas iam still struggle with double vision anyone know how long this may take to resolve itself starting to get quite depressed with it .

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1 month ago

Hi @cass79 and welcome.

Visual symptoms can take some time to resolve, possibly 12 months or more. However, if you feel that you have now got over the recent bout of MS activity, it would be useful to be referred to a visual specialist, e.g. optometrist.

They can assess the extent of the “convergence” issue and provide prisms to correct the direction of the eye that is out. The strength of these prisms can be reduced every few weeks, to “train” the eye back to where it should be looking.

1 month ago

Hi @cass79.

My DX came with ON as well, took 3 months to go away and came back after a few weeks. Like @stumbler was saying “Visual symptoms can take some time to resolve”. Solumedrol IV helped a lot in my case and made it go away eventually, pretty much no sequels but I can understand the depressive feelings, been there as well and it is pretty hard.

Have a chat with your neurologist and MS nurse if you are worried about the time it is taking to go away, they will reassure you and help you keep strong until ON vanishes and you get your vision “steady and focused” again.


1 month ago

Are you under care by specialists? And if you are, have you had any improvement at all yet? It can be quite frustrating, and many of us will understand. So, welcome – I’m pretty new here too.

The thing that led to my diagnosis last summer was optic neuritis. The headaches and pain began in early July, then the blurred vision in mid July. For me, it took less than two weeks to begin to get slightly better. My doctor put me on a few days of prednisone to help. It took me until September for this to resolve. So, for me, 2.5 months or so until I was pretty much back without the blur. However, the blur would start to come back a bit whenever I’d walk to work, something I read was pretty common – increased blur with exertion. Still, it was effectively gone by the end of September.

Now, this is not going to be everyone’s experience. I didn’t know how long it might last either, or whether it would resolve. I had a blur and diminished color vision. I was worried and this was new to me, but having good care and testing to show improvement helped. Having support helped.

I feel lucky because I’ve hard others’ stories about visual issues lasting much longer. And so, it will be important for you to have support and to have a care team you can trust. All the best to you in this, as it is never easy. And I hope you have improvement soon. With MS, sometimes even subtle improvement is so powerful.

1 month ago

The dizziness has gone and my balance is heaps better I get a bout half hour after I wake up with normal vision then the double vision returns not blurry just doubled .
Thankyou all it great to be talking with others who have been through this .

1 month ago

double vision was one of my only symptoms and it was horrifying was the double vision a visual issue or was it because your eyes are not correctly aligning?

if it’s because your eyes are not correctly aligning eye patches help a lot. Also trying to move your eyes to strengthen them will also help.

but as everyone else has already said go see an optometrist, I almost has to have botox injected into my eye to helo alleviate the issue. luckily it had improved before it was scheduled.

all the best


1 month ago

My right eye isn’t properly aligned

1 month ago

I had double vision over 10 times. It kept resolving itself in couple of weeks.
It happens to me everytime i try to remember how it was visually 🧐
Had ms for 13 yrs tho.
I advise u try to focus at one point best u can.

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