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Don't feel so bad.

MS is only one part of me, the rest is also a pain. I may have explained my burden before, but my memory fails me. We all have a burden to bare, it weighs deeply upon us all.
I sometimes wonder why I haven’t done away with myself. The truth is, I actually enjoy living, even with all my problems.
I have MS, also ME. On top of that, I have Oesophageal reflux disease, IBS, cervical spondylitis, partial deafness, reactive depression, folliculitis, erectile disfunction, diplopia and ghosting, arthritis, a terrible sense of humour, bad taste in women.
All this, but I continue to laugh.

Why? I ask myself.

It’s because I still value myself. I may not be perfect, but I am still a human being. Worthy of love and understanding.

I’m a little pissed now, as it’s the only way I can get sleepand a release from the pain I feel from the effects of all this shite.

I’m sure that I have forgotten something else I suffer with, but is that not enough?

I still have the resolve to get through this, hopefully. I just hope that all of you can give yourself the strength to do the same, with all that challenges you.

I still consider myself lucky. I should have died during my military service, indeed I nearly did. Only the help of the doctors and nurses saved me. So, who am I to complain now?

I am still here!

Moaning and miserable, but hyappy to be doing that.

If at times I get a little down and miserable, maybe you can understand now. I’m sorry if I bitch, but I and sometimes we, are allowed to. Life is a bitch! But, you do get used to it.

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5 years ago

Pete, the underlying attitude is a great example.
Hope this mornings hangover is bearable. 😯

5 years ago

Wot stumbler said! I think the last two – “terrible humour and a bad taste in women” will probly see you thru the rest. And good luck w the hangover……

5 years ago

Oh gawd! I can’t believe I posted that last night. Oh the shame, the shame. Hahahaha.

5 years ago

At least I don’t suffer from a hangover, as I don’t get them. 😉

5 years ago

The only bad hangover I had was on Champagne, but who can afford that!! Hey what we do when we have had a few! It’s good to vent, and it’s better out than in……..

5 years ago

Ha! You should have been there the last time I had a few.
Oh dear me the anger and the shouting and screaming and carrying on you never heard anything like it!
Lucky I have got understanding people around me. X

5 years ago

Pete, firmly believe we are all here for a reason and we may never know what good we are doing! You have a gift to make people laugh and smile and that is something amazing!! Noone will argue that laughter makes you feel better……so u just keep doing it cos its needed!! xx

5 years ago

@jamms thanks for the kind words. Empathy is most welcome. xxxxxxx

5 years ago

anytime babe that’s my gift!! lolz

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