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Dominant Hand Numbness

My right hand is almost unusable right now. I am very discouraged as I need it not only in life, but for work. I chart data and take notes… what the heck do I do? Just needing to vent a bit here. I haven’t told my employer I have MS, but I feel like this relapse is going to be the last straw! I am so frustrated. Here’s to hoping the feeling comes back soon.

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3 years ago

Lost the use of my dominant right arm and hand in an early attack. I received 2 rounds of solumedrol and some pt to get most feeling and motor control back. I was terrified as well since I was a software engineer and kinda needed my hand for doing all kinds of related work. I never regained a way to type with both hands as numb fingers did not provide enough tactile feedback. I was able to do more physical things as I did some construction projects I enjoyed after the relapse that really effected my whole right side as it turned out. I ended up having numbness and pain in my fingers and wear a tight glove on my hand when it bothers me. It translates pain into a sense of pressure which is better. Also, drugs like gabapentin and/or lyrica help with both problems. They sometimes make it feel somewhat normal. I think I could type if I had to but would have to keep looking at the keyboard since I don’t have good feeling in the finger tips. Hopefully your damage will be less than what I experienced and you recover more fully. But consider if this had happened to more or all of your limbs. I ask just to stress how important DMDs are and your selection of one that gives you plenty of protection. I hope this helps. I have been battling this for a while now so am more than happy to help you out if you have any other concerns. Best wishes!

3 years ago

I’m left handed, guess what I lost most of use of my left hand it seems MS knows which side to go for, I’ve learnt to write with my right hand now but not before getting a few cheques sent back, thank heavens for debit cards !!!

3 years ago

It seems MS knows which side to cause the most problems with, I find if I actually watch my left hand, concentrate very hard and take it slowly I can sign my name and fill things in but it doesn’t look like my writing any more 🙁

3 years ago

I had to change my signature when I got motor control back to something totally unintelligible. I learned that it did not matter! As my condition improved I adopted a brief version of my original signature. It is well accepted even though it varies from day to day. I am glad that I recovered as well as I did. Nerve pain is still my biggest problem.

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