4 years ago
Does falling over ever get less embarrassing?

I took a massive fall the other night while queuing up for the cinema in was getting my cinema card out and tripped over the stand for the zig zaging que thingy with nothing to catch myself on down i went taking half barrier with me. my poor cousin had to untangle me and help me up.
It must have looked well funny thinking about it im sure most people thought i was pissed lol

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I find that if you can go down in “slow motion” it doesn’t hurt so much. 😆
But, you need to learn to laugh at these occurrences. It covers the embarrassment.
Do you have the MS Society Assistance card :- http://oscos2.bmc-ics.com/mss2/public/public_stock.php?categoryid=Help_Info .
It seems a worthwhile little card to have.


Haha, sorry. Yeah, when my leg was a little behind (if you know what I mean) I was in a meeting with this person. This very important, very amazing highly admired person, and as I went to stand up, managed to trip over my leg, and catch it under the foot of the stool I’d been sitting on, and as I did so I tried to do that nervous laugh thing, and ended up just exhaling sharply in a dying walrus fashion. She then turned to me, brow furrowed, and said ‘Are you all right?’ I went bright red and nodded, and her only reply to that was ‘Strange child’ as she walked out of the room! Falling over is always amusing, and yet eternally embarrassing 😉

No, it never does in my experience. I think my worst was when I foolishly tried to carry a large framed picture across a road to the framer’s shop on the other side. I wrong-footed myself and ended up UNDERNEATH the picture, on my back in the middle of the road. Cars braking. Crowd gathering. Nightmare.

my worst one was coming down a palatial set of stairs into a bar… so impressive… and i ended up on the 3rd step from the bottom.. my legs just gave way… and i just sat down and could not move … i look ‘wrecked’ to the outsiders… but i knew otherwise…. xxx

I think my favorite so far has been me tripping off the sidewalk into the street… twice. Or maybe the time I slid down the bottom half of my stairs while trying to herd the dog towards the garage. Yeah, that one was pretty funny.

Lol, not sure it does get easier! But people so quick to judge! I ended up on the ground on an alley at nine at night with a bunch of my friends. Friends from my Christian congregation. Hard core people. I have never been drunk in my life, but these obviously high-on-more-than-just-life people walked past and then started ranting about “the youth of today” stuff. We all burst out laughing, but I think that only made us all look even more “drunk”
But I think one thing about falling over, and walking like a wonky woman, has shown me who my friends are. The ones that well help you up. Dust you down. Commiserate with your wounds. (Find you some new under pants?) pat you on the back and then ask you out again in a couple of days. No questions asked. No explanations needed.

I was flying a kite one time and totally fell on the road as I was running !!!

@smallfry, you can still run? jeez gave that up decades ago.
Falling over. Never funny, always embaressing and results in bruises or worse and a trip to A&E…
Plus laddering tights or wrecked trousers and the like. Plus it shakes you up eh?
@jupiterjumper – the silly woman was plain IGNORANT and rude to boot!
I now take stairs slowly, snail like and NEVER carry things up/down stairs. Know yr limits..

@reddivine this was way before I got diagnosed! yes I can still run and walk I’m not that bad!hope all is well for you!

im just getting fed up with forever tripping and falling its driving me nuts 🙁

I slipped up on my decking while letting my chickens out (slippery when wet)!!!
couldn’t get a purchase with my legs going into a frozen panic and had to crawl across wet decking to get back indoors!

Wet, or frosty, decking is an accident waiting to happen. I lost one of my walking sticks the other morning, it just skated away and down I went. Finding something to haul yourself up to vertical is always a challenge. 😳

I hate falling.

Protect yourself using walking aids, especially when you are going long distances or new places. A broken hip would be much more tragic.

Thank you all for making me smile (sorry, some of your stories were very) and making me feel better about my few falls. But to answer the question, no, I don’t think it ever goes any less embarrassing.

Falling flat on my face outside the apartment block I was living in and having to crawl over to the wrought iron railings to pull myself up made a few passers by snigger. I’m grateful that none of my neighbours were around to witness that.

My most memorable was rush hour in Kings Cross underground station. I tripped *up* a flight of stairs, face planted and managed to cut my lip. Meanwhile, other commuters are stepping round (and one or two stepping over) me with much tut-tutting and a comment of “drunken bum”. Thanks. I was wearing a suit and it was 7am!

Oh lads, thanks for making me laugh!
I trip quite a lot, as I have recently started getting that dragging leg thing. I have only ever fallen (up!) the stairs but it’s been at home, so not embarrassing.
The best thing to do is laugh it off.I laugh when others fall, so expect nothing less when I do it!!

o i forgot… i occasionally bounce off the filing cabinets at work.. and desks… and just say oops! i have had one wall down my corridor at work stripped of all its notices giving me a blank wall to bounce off = yay!

@bubblesgalore, there was a guy called Harvey that used to walk like that after his favourite tipple. It got called a Harvey Wallbanger! 😆

@stumbler that really made me laugh… thank you xxx

@bubblesgalore, I believe that was a true story, but what do I know!
I wonder what they guy was doing, who named the “Sloe, comfortable screw up against the wall”? (A cocktail of sloe gin, southern comfort, vodka, orange juice and Galliano, in case you’re interested.)

@stumbler i am really giggling… the list is now endless… sex on the beach? think us lot did all that without a disgusting drink in hand…. its the young uns that think they thought of it first…i am really being stretched now on cocktail names…. xx

My best falling over incident. On holiday, recently, the Old Town in Rhodes in cobbled. (So no wheelchair, right) We’re sitting having an iced coffee, I try getting uo and ker-crash, tangle of legs, metal chair and stick….some woman says “Take more water with it”! They didn’t it was only iced coffee!

I had my best bit of reverse discrimination last month with falling! I had had a few too many jaagers and theyd seen me over the edge. I fell over outside a club right through the queue of guys lining up to get in. I had caused quite a scene so the bouncers rushed over to see what was going on. My mate who was picking me off the ground explained to the bouncers and the people that i fell into that i had MS so the bouncers and my mate carried me past the queue and into the club, free of charge.

Been waiting a while for MS perks, that was a pretty good one!

Being an ex-flying winger in my rugby-playing days, I always thought I had very good balance; low centre of gravity etc. Since being diagnosed with MS the decline in this has been quite acute:

The most embarassing moment was again on the Tube, falling up the escalator at Colliers Wood, with my shoulder-bag having swung around from my back to my front and making it very difficult to get up. The worst thing is that I was in the left-hand ‘lane’, where people are actually trying to walk up the stairs (as i had been), so I found myself with an effectively stationary audience to my right watching me struggle with this bag wrapped around my neck for a good few seconds. All the while, I was thinking I had to get to my feet quickly before I got to the top, or else I would cause a pile-up, with me at the bottom, that would have been unlikely to end well.

I did make it out alive, but I am now very careful using the London Underground, and now use a rucksack.

Very sensible ComMS. I graduated to an over the shoulder handbag once I started w a stick, to be hands-free – doors, rails and everything else. Now the Underground with a stick and a pull along suitcase and another bag…..nightmare….getting on & off is 1,2,3, hop! And a wheelchair….not all Tube station have lifts so require forward planning!

I always think rucksacks are the way to go when you need to get about with a bag with this stupid illness, not the most girliest of bags but then Im not a girly girl ! leaves your hands fee for potential falls, balancing and doing things, you can get some really lovely ones, simples !!!!

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