mcgilligan 18/01/13
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Does anyone have family with other autoimmune illnesses?

As of now I have an aunt with lupus and 2 cousins with celiacs disease. I am the only one with M.S. I am curious if anyone else has similar illnesses in their family.

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5 years ago

Hi there ,
I have a daughter with Crohn’s disease and a father with something I have forgotten the name of its a auto immune disease to he basically fights his own white blood cells wich as far as I know means hie healing process is terrible . I have often wondered wether there is a connection there but when I asked my neurologist in France she didn’t know . I then asked my daughter to ask the same in England and she got same reply !
All the best femke xx

5 years ago

As far as I know (and I only know one side of my family) I am the only one with either Asthma (also auto immune, i think) or MS. I had an uncle with Addison’s disease (who died of it). No lupus, crohn’s, ciliac etc
Interesting topic, it makes sence that it could be related though.
🙂 Jas

5 years ago

mym younger brother, vitiligo, but its been nothing. cause a small white shit appeared and nothing else, but is vitiligo

Hi there,

My dad has ulcerative collitis. His mum, my gran has, never been disgnosed with anything but has always been wobbly on her pins. She’s 87 now so you’d expect it but this has been since her 40s. I always wonder!!

5 years ago

My mum and sister both have Rheumatoid Arthritis and m dads sister also had MS, but she unfortunately died from complications relating to her MS. I never met her mind, so I can only go by what my dad says…

5 years ago

Ooh… fascinating post! There does seem to be some evidence that these conditions often hang together, either within families or in the same individual. I’ve come across several people with MS who also have diabetes or coeliac disease. Nothing in my immediate family that I’m aware of.

5 years ago

I also have ME.

5 years ago

Son w/ linear scleroderma, gfather w/ something, possibly MS or myasthenia gravis, his mother prob had something also. Also, no cancer on that side of family – strong immune system- too strong for my taste.

5 years ago

My son has asthma and my mother had numerous problems healthwise, but unfortunately, I can’t remember them.

5 years ago

My brother has soriasis (no idea about spelling) which the doctor has said is an auto immune condidition

5 years ago

my neice has diabetes and coeliacs disease together. she got the conditions when she was 12. both my sisters have a strain of ibs… and then i got ms… my sister and i have often spoke of the auto immune system and how our family are affected by it… and interestingly we think our dad was the carrier but it came out in the girls.. my brothers are not affected xx

5 years ago

both my parents have diabetes. on my dad side disbetes g/mthr, aunty and my uncle. i think its from family i just got MS instead of disbetes. but who knows I might get it when I’m older I am only 34yo.

5 years ago

I forgot…my dad had diabetes as well.

5 years ago

An aunt and a cousin with MS, both are on my dads side of the family. The jury is out on my sister, who I think may have it too. No other autoimmunity in the family as far as I know.

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