jman 10/12/14
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Does anyone actually use the groups

I post in a couple of them, and find there’s more general posts than group posts, for areas, interests etc.

Are members aware of the groups?


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I was thinking that myself. Posted on the music one last month and nothing back. I suppose unless you have been to a gig at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham people wouldn’t post back!!

3 years ago

Hey guys, this discussion comes up every so often at HQ… we’re aware that the groups have lots of members, but are not sure how useful they are to people as not all of them are regularly used. Do you have any thoughts on how we could make them more appealing or useful? Be great to hear your thoughts as we’d love to hear some feedback from the community on this…


3 years ago

I’ve just joined “The Film Club” so early days for me but I like films and am interested to get info about other films to watch too so could be good for me.. 😀

3 years ago

Tried to make a comment on @tiggermum ‘s post about Maleificent but it won’t work.. :-/

3 years ago

@northernlass – thanks for letting me know. I just tried myself and you’re right – the reply function seems to be broken! I’ll let our developers know. Are you accessing Shift on a phone or a tablet or a computer? And what browser do you use? (it’ll most likely be Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox). Sorry for the questions… it’s just the developers need to know these things before they can fix stuff!

Thanks 🙂

3 years ago

Hi @Cassandra I’m on my laptop and using Internet explorer which throws me onto MSN and the tool bar to access anything on the internet is via Bing… I just press buttons and hope for the best.. 🙂

3 years ago

Hi, I tried to make some links on the U.S. members site, but I never got any responses.

3 years ago

Just posted a new note to Admin:)

But, It might be a glitch.. Don’t think its a browser issue as I’ve tried it on Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

I’ve tried to open a long message in the London Group ‘read more’ and it takes me to the join the volunteers page’

Bit frustrating as I was trying to copy and Xpost. Any ideas.

3 years ago

I tried to join the gymnastics club but found little interest,, seriously though if you remove the clubs would it make space to improve the forum in other ways? Not saying it needs improving. Lol.

3 years ago

I really don’t know what the purpose of these groups are? I joined the Australian group as (I’m australian and living in Australia) but when I’ve looked at the other members so many don’t even live in Australia! I thought it would be good to join this group as it seems different countries have different approved treatments and obviously different medical systems. When I read the forums it’s all about the NHS, which is great for all those treated in that system but Australia is totally different and I’d like to know more about how others treatment/diagnosis has been.

3 years ago

I posted on the music group a while back and only saw one post on there after mine which was @ stallionChampionic there doesn’t seem to be much interest on there at all,although people are joining the group.

3 years ago

I think getting notifications for new posts in the groups would be a big help. also the layout seems to confuse people a little bit 🙂

I think if you get them to work they will be good for just firing questions.

FYI the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham is standing only. I contacted them before hand and they got me a stool to use. Very amicable and accommodating.

Must say……the gig wasn’t sold out so I can imagine it may be more difficult if it’s busy!

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