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Do you think I may feel better with a diagnosis?

I wonder if I will feel mentally better when a diagnosis comes? Or will I because that will mean something else would have happened to me? I suppose I will have the support of a medical team well I hope I will. I wonder if they will tell me what I’m imagining about having ms is so far off the scale & that I’m wrong to be thinking that way? The anti depressants for some reason haven’t been doing their job the last few days.

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5 years ago

@boodle06, at present, you’re almost in a state of suspended animation!
A diagnosis would allow you to move on, to build a platform on which you can base the rest of your life.
You need to be able to close the previous chapter on your life, to start a new one.
You need the ability to be a born again Boodle! 🙂

5 years ago

I’m so depressed & scared at the moment, given the chance I don’t think I’d want to be re-born again.

5 years ago

@boodle06, it’s the uncertainty of the situation that makes you feel like this.
A diagnosis won’t change your symptoms, but it will help justify the way you feel.
We all have the occasional down spell where we question ourselves. But, hang in there, pamper yourself and avoid stress/worry.

5 years ago

Hi ~ yeah the not knowing something for sure does make you feel worse… Thoughts go into overdrive and usually negative ones running through your mind over something like this….
I had the not knowing for sure for so many years (“^!&%”$& doctors) but anyway knowing for sure is better if you feel so ill as you know where you stand and what journey is ahead of you!…. It is not all bad and there are lots of positives to focus on… At first for me it was a shocker even though I knew deep down but now I am trying so hard to focus on the positives and eat well and look after myself etc and the positiveness helps a lot!!!
Agree with Stumbler too ~ Pamper yourself and avoid any stress or worry!!
That always helps 🙂

I hope everything turns out as well as it can!

Best wishes xxx

5 years ago

I think having a diagnosis confirmed is a relief overall.

I was diagnosed for over a year but now they want to test for NMO (Devics) which has put me back into that quandary of not knowing exactly where I stand (or fall, if you’ll forgive the irony).

I felt much better, on balance, being diagnosed, as at least then I could plan a bit better as to treating and overcoming.

I hope you get the answer you need even it’s not exactly the one you want, at least then you’ll have a basis to go on.

5 years ago

It’s an unpleasant fact that neuro symptoms may well worsen when your mental state is troubled, so for your health’s sake try and follow everyone’s advice to give yourself a bit of pampering. I’ve posted my physio’s ideas on this before but just in case you didn’t see it, here is her prescription for getting ‘feel good’ hormones to course round your body.
1 Indulge yourself with the food and drink you fancy – chocolate and red wine specially recommended.
2 Do as much light/moderate exercise as you can but stop AS SOON as you start feeling fatigued.
3 Seek out undemanding social occasions – e.g. a drink with friends. The idea is that you’ll know in advance that you’re going to enjoy yourself without any stress involved and that you are going to interact with other people.
4 Engage in some slightly-more-than-averagely hard mental activity e.g. read an in-depth book, watch some serious TV programme, attempt a difficult puzzle.
5 If possible, have a relaxing treatment e.g. massage, sauna, facial.

Works every time! xx

5 years ago

When the possible causes of the symptoms included stroke, brain tumour, Guillaume Barre syndrome, some unidentifiable infection of some part of the body or other etc the diagnosis of relapsing remitting MS came as a relief. I’m only sorry it took so long to find Shift MS.
We’re a friendly bunch, with some useful experience (see above), so don’t dread joining us.

5 years ago

Hi there, I thought it was a good idea to say ‘hi’ as I keep regularly checking this particular post.I to
o am what my gp calls in limbo land. With much reading and advise, I realise no neurologist is going to diagnose me with out something dreadful happening again to me. I’m not sure what a diagnosis will change but a name to what it is that has happened to make me feel so very different would be some sort of comfort. If a diagnosis does or doesn’t come along, I hope no one minds me saying hello, because this is very lonely and I take comfort from others kind words to one another.

5 years ago

@jitterbug, everyone is welcome on this forum. Why not create a new post with an introduction and you’ll be surprised how many friends you’ll acquire.
There is a wide experience in our membership with those, like you, awaiting diagnosis, to a few more mature members, who have years of experience.

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