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Do you suffer from dizziness?

Do you suffer from dizziness? If so, is there anything to help releave it, other than steroids? These past couple of days I have been so dizzy I can’t focus, speak properly or walk straight, it’s so annoying! I daren’t carry my baby in case I fall over!

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6 years ago

No but my balance is affected. See yr doctor cuz it can be aphasia or inner ear trouble, but its a problem so see what the drs can do.

6 years ago

dizziness with loss of coordination/blurred vision/ vertigo where the room seems to be spinning around often with vomitting is a type of relapse i’ve had many times. it’s so bad i can’t get out of bed or look after myself. steroids can speed up recovery but always lasts a month or two. if it’s a relapse you’re having i would take a short course of steroids

6 years ago

I’ve just had steroids, just over a week ago, as I was relapsing with other issues. I guess the steroids haven’t quite done the job then, as clearly I’m still relapsing – ugh! I’ve been lying down pretty much all day, as I feel I’m going to fall every time I stand up. I’m hoping it will get better as I’ve got my 6 month baby to look after!

6 years ago

i suffer from it now and a gain, i just try and sleep it off if i can as much as i can really or just sit and rest as much

6 years ago

I suffer from this whenever I relapse last time was 3 months ago I had the steroids which seemed to work but also just slept as much as I could and the doc gave me tablets for dizziness was really horrible as my little boy was 19 months at the time so was soon hard hope you feel better soon x

6 years ago

Hello Esther

I dont suffer from dizzy head feelings at all , its more like general off-balanceness, I really look drunk sometimes, usually I tend to “walk the walls” so I don’t fall, along with the footdrop it’s quite a challenge!
Does anybody take any drugs to help the balance problem, please let me know, I have just emailed my neuro to ask him, no doubt I’ll have to wait weeks for a reply!!!

6 years ago

I suffered from dizziness a month or so ago. Strangely I felt worse when I lay down and felt more OK when when my head was upright. My GP prescribed something (Prochlorperazine) but it didn’t seem to help. I decided to see how I went anyway and it’s cleared up a lot. Hope things get better for you, Esther.

6 years ago

I get kind of dizzy as I walk, I suffer balance problems too. As I walk I tend to lean towards the wall and push myself away from it, or I run my fingers against the wall. To only problem now if finger tips are super smooth and holding things can be a problem.

6 years ago

I suffer with dizziness and have been so since 18 march. On 17 april I was rainbird with MS and given a high dose of steroids for 3 days which improved my vision but I am still dizzy now. I have been told I have to wait and it can take 6 months to recover. 🙁

6 years ago

Rainbird should be diagnosed lol

6 years ago

I get dizziness – because my eyes don’t work completely together (apparently sue to ‘damage’ to a bit in my brainstem) – it makes me feel dizzy and generallt wobbly and sometimes all a bit spaced. I’m in ‘limbo’ (i.e. no official dx but my Neuro says he’s pretty sure it’s MS) so I’m not on any meds. What makes it better is facing one direction (i.e. not turning) and not being in a busy/moving environment. My little boy is 23 months old now, my dizziness was worse last year ( before I went to the doctor) when he was younger and I used the advice once given to me on a boat = always 3 points of contact (i.e. with a baby – foot, foot and elbow or shoulder, or on the stairs, sometimes … bum)

6 years ago

Pretty much every day at dusk. It seems I’m seriously affected by light levels, and sundown makes me a bit dizzy, nauseous, weak and incredibly tired. My consultant isn’t particularly concerned about it.
I do have bad balance and get nauseous on buses now, and am supposed to do daily balance exercises but have sort of let that slide. I do have new balance sports shoes, though.

6 years ago

I get very light headed and dizzy…but sometimes it isn’t like the room is spinning…just like the ground is moving under my feet. I also will have bouts of balance and coordination issues. I tend to have all of these every day to varying degrees. Sometimes its easily worked through and other times I can barely move.

I get both vertigo and general light headedness occasionally. Vertigo is horrible and being sick is the only way it seems to stop.
Have you tried travel sickness tablets sometimes they help a bit. Or you can get Stemitil from the g.p.

The joys of MS!!!

6 years ago

I had a nasty bout of labyrinthitis a couple of years ago and dizziness and nausea seem to be my fall-back symptoms now whenever I am run-down or stressed. I was given cinnarizine tablets for the labyrinthitis but they are also sold over the counter as a travel sickness tablet- Stugeron- so might be worth considering something like that if you’re really struggling. They were a real life saver when I was really dizzy. worth chatting to your gp or ms nurse though too. good luck xx

6 years ago

I just finished steriods for this same reason, I also now are on stemitol a drug for vertigo related to the inner ear. It seems to be helping, I don’t bump or hang on to walls like I was. But no-one can tell me which one is working…As long as one is I am happy. Good luck it is a terrible feeling especially when you have children to look after .

6 years ago

Well I had a nasty bout of labyrinthitis about 2 years ago and I really struggled with the dizzyness. It was so bad that lifting my head of the pillow made me feel sick the whole house started tilting and spinning I felt really sick for 2 days. When the paramedics arrived they gave me buccastem 3mg tablets and it was a miracle everything stopped spinning and tilting and the nausea had gone now when ever I start to feel dizzy I take a buccastem and I’m fine again well reccomended

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