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DMT's ???

Been diagnosed with MS since beginning of this month. I received a letter saying I will be meeting with Ms specialist Monday to discuss starting DMT’s . What are they what will they do. Are they injections :'( ???! Want to be prepared#!

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5 years ago

Did you mean ‘Dmd’s’?

It stands for ‘disease modifying drugs’ & is one way of them saying it’s not a cure but it’s something.

There are various forms of dmd’s for ms:-


plus others but I think i’ve listed most of the main ones there.

There are side effects with them & some people cope better on certain ones than other people do.

Your neuro should be able to help you get the right one and can swap it out if one is disagreeable to your system.

Dmd’s are optional & some people choose not to go that route although it’s said that it’s better to go on dmd’s early than start treating much later on.

Most people who find the right dmd for them seem to get good results & relapses become less prevalent though with ms it is hard to say whether the drugs have really done much at all or if the condition has just slowed down for a while anyway.

It’s a hard field of medicine to debate really but at the end of the day we have this condition so on the one hand nothing ventured nothing gained.

5 years ago

Thankyou. The letter says.DMT’s

5 years ago

@scarletmartina7 , it’s either Disease Modifying Treatments (DMT) or Disease Modifying Drugs (DMD). They’re both the same.
Have a read through this website to get yourself up to speed:-

5 years ago

The only other references I could find for DMT’s online was for a psychedelic drug compound.

I doubt your doctors want to start you on those ^^

(could be fun though I guess lol).

5 years ago

Lol. Thankyou I will look at that now

5 years ago

Hi there – I expect you’ll be told that the DMDs reduce relapses by on average 30% and therefore the hope is that you’ll stay stable for longer. The drugs don’t suit everybody but for some people (including me) they can work pretty much 100%. The other BIG plus is that if you commit to treatment – because it is a commitment – you get very thorough monitoring in the first few years that’s over and above your routine neuro appointments. I found this support really valuable in all sorts of ways. It was a chance to chat over problems and quiz the nurses about all my MS worries. Whatever you decide, very best wishes. xx

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