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DMT & catching colds


I started tecfidera almost 3 months ago & I can start to see the impact on catching colds, coughs and everything that goes round the office…I also started to commute by public transport which increases exposure as well.

I was wondering how you stay healthy and avoid catching colds & coughs. I’m in an open plan office and unfortunately my colleagues do come to work ill – I put up a sign telling them to stay away from me if they’re ill.

Once you caught something how do you recover? My recent cough turned into a infection that burst my eardrum (didn’t notice that) and I had to take antibiotics but now I started coughing again and I’m really worried because to get over the last bout took me 3 weeks.

I started to take some additional supplements like Turmeric, Inulin & Q10 enzymes. I will also change my diet to be even more healthy and probably cut out alcohol.

Hope you have some more tips & advice

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12 months ago

@stephz , anti-bacterial hand gel is an absolute must, to keep the germs from your hands.

Hopefully, the other “Tec”cies will contribute.

12 months ago

Hi @stumbler – Looks like I will have to start carrying that around with me…I’m quite good with coughing/sneezing into my elbow but I guess not everyone does that…I just wish people wouldn’t come to work ill…

12 months ago

Hi Steph,

I’ve always found taking levels of vitamin C, tends to help me. I eat a lot of fruit, but still take 1000mg before I sleep.

I think healthy diet, and good hygiene, as stumbler pointed out too.

12 months ago

I had a persistent cold the whole winter that I was taking Tecfidera, but my MS nurse did not think that it was related. You can ask them to doo a full lymphocyte count (different from a full blood count) that tells you what type of white blood cells are being knocked out by the tecfidera. If you loose to many T-cells then you can be very susceptible to viral infections.

Mostly I just stay away from public transport, wash hands a lot and don’t put my hands near my face.

12 months ago

Hi Steph, just started Tecfidera a few weeks ago but as I live on my own and rarely see outsiders and I can’t really comment but I can tell you that a few years ago when I was going through chemo for cancer my sister died and although I was allowed at the funeral the hospital said I couldn’t go to the ‘do’ afterwards because they said I couldn’t be in an enclosed room with 150 other people was too much of a risk with infection. You need to be careful with an open plan office, but a fan that blows away from you is a good basis and obviously the hand gel and all other basics go without saying!😍 Jill

11 months ago

Thanks for all your comments- I’m definitely increasing my awareness of sniffles, and started carrying a hand gel with me since I also commute by train.

Bloods are being checked routinely anyway so will check with the MS nurse when I see her to see what the Tec is doing to me…

11 months ago

I take Multi vitamins like they are candy 2 a day 4 if I can feel myself getting sick

11 months ago

I try to remember to carry an anti bacterial hand gel around with me and to be as careful as possible about wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and making sure everything is washed thoroughly before preparation. Just what I would have done … but now I am more scrupulous about it. Also, friends – most of whom know my situation – have been understanding and tell me if they are suffering from a ‘bug’ so that we can arrange to meet up when they are less likely to pass anything on. Other than that I just try to wash my hands as often as possible and avoid over exposure to crowded places. I have gradually improved diet – I hope – and don’t take alcohol. Just started regular tumeric and take Vit D.

11 months ago

Well I am going to keep playing the Vitamin D fiddle 🙂

Take tons of it…. its your immune systems friend.

20K minimum per day….

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