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DMD's and Dental any connection?

Hi folks,
I have a bit of an odd question for you. Has anyone experienced issues with their teeth or gums after taking DMD’s? My hygienist was shocked at the deterioration in my dental health since I last saw her a year ago and the only difference in my lifestyle between then and now is that I started on Avonnex. It’s not listed in the side effects but I wondered if there was a connection. Or is it just another lovely aspect of MS?

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4 years ago

@karynb , the issue may be a bit more wide-spread, being an issue with MS, which may have been highlighted by the use of an immuno-suppressant drug, i.e. Avonex.

I found this article which may be of use:-

4 years ago

It may do. Dental health is a complex issue. I have to see the hygienist every four months for a scale and polish. I’ve had gum problems for years and a condition called lichen planus which, although harmless in itself, can be pre-cancerous, so they keep an eye on it. In addition, if I don’t follow the brushing instructions to the letter, I get swollen and sore gums. My dentist tells me that anything can trigger this: it can be hormonal and it can also be as a result of diet or medications. I have to declare all my meds and inform the practice immediately of any change so that suggests that it DOES affect things. The hygienist has told me that for some patients, a scale and polish to remove all the plaque leaves their mouth perfect. So for this group it doesn’t matter too much what their mouth is like when they see the hygienist. For others – like me – the existence of plaque directly affects the gums, causing bleeding, pain and swelling, so we have to keep the mouth perfect between visits to the hygienist. Even with all my care (electric toothbrush plus special manual one to clean the underside of molars plus floss) , they always find some plaque when they do the scale and polish. So I would say as a first step arrange for more frequent hygienist appointments and aim to get plaque-free!

4 years ago

Thanks guys,
I have had problems with a dry mouth since being on medication so the article makes sense @stumbler. @cameron that sounds like an awful lot you have to manage with your dental health on top of the ms but you obviously have a good dentist on your side. I’ve always had regular visits to both the dentist and hygienist but it is only since being on meds that I’ve had any real issues. I don’t like to blame every little thing on the ms but this one made me wonder. I have an appointment with a specialist in a couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see what he says as well.

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