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DLA, PIP and Disabled Railcards – new info

I had an email from the Disabled Railcards people today, explaining how the upcoming transfer from DLA to PIP will affect anyone possessing/wanting one of these cards. If you’re buying one for the first time, you need to send a copy of your DLA entitlement letter and it will be the same once PIP is in force. However, EXISTING users just need to keep renewing their cards and the company will not require further evidence. In other words, it won’t matter if you are not accepted for PIP. So, if anyone is currently on DLA and hasn’t yet got a card, it might be an idea to get in quickly. I paid £18 for three years, which is cheaper than other categories of railcard and (as far as I recall – haven’t got the info to hand), the Disabled Railcard has more flexible terms than the others.

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Can you give anymore info?

Ie what the card covers in terms of transport costs and where can one apply for the card? (British Rail or online).

Interesting topic, thanks for posting.

Have just looked at my own card details and see I paid £18 for ONE year (having lost my original 3-year one and paying for the unexpired portion) Sorry for the misinfo but I remember when I got my first Disabled Railcard that it was a better deal than any of the other rail discount cards.

Mine runs out in April.. I tried to renew before and got an error on the website.. Will have to try again tomorrow.. But thanks for the reminder:)

Is this online for rail or trains and buses

DRC gives 1/3 off all journeys, which on longer journeys, can really add up! do the math. PLUS a carer may be included: ; ie you get 1/3 off, and so does yr carer.
Buses: depend on yr local authority. I get a free bus pass under the “disabled” catergory. I know in London you can get a Freedom pass. ALSO read the T & C. The pass can usually be used ANYWHERE IN BRITAIN….so dig yr heels in and argue w.
bus driver. (Ask jman about that!

The Disabled Railcard gives you one third of most National Rail Services in the UK, for tickets purchased online or at ticket offices. The railcard allso gives you various offers/ discounts for selected hotels under ‘Tourism for All. http://www.tourismforall.org.uk/ see either website for details on those.

Most local authorities issue a disabled and OAP bus passes, and usually these can be used nationwide. Some have time restrictions (ie travelling after 9:30 AM). Look for the wording ‘Valid Across England or similar on the back of a local authority pass..

You need to look at the pass or check on your local authorities website. But generally its part of the English Concessionary Travel Pass valid from 2008.. However not ALL bus drivers seem to know this! For Telford for example its quite clear:

And yes JMan did argue, quite fiercely in fact, and reported the driver! 🙂

In London we have the Freedom pass, which allows travel on the underground, buses,(london and nationwide) local rail, and discounts on river services.

I’ve just discovered that you CANNOT renew your card more than 1 month in advance.. So for the 30th April I cannot renew until 30th March ..:)


well jman, to quote tom Jones….”you can keep your hat on..”

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