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I was recently diagnosed with relapsing MS. My main symptom is dizziness. I am looking for anyone who also suffers form dizziness and can give me any suggestions on how to avoid it. I had a flare up this week. I was in bed all week long and couldn’t even move my head. I started Tecfidera last weekend and was really stressed about it which is probably which caused me to get sick. Look forward to hearing from someone!


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8 months ago

I was diagnosed with MS just a couple months ago. I have also experienced bouts of dizziness. Usually also coincides with fatigue & headaches. I don’t have any great words of wisdom other than drink plenty of water to avoid further dizziness from dehydration and put your hand on the wall when you are feeling dizzy. I feel your pain. It is definitely disconcerting to feel like your brain is swimming.

8 months ago

I had dizziness with one of my earlier attacks. If this is a symptom of a new attack for you, has your neurologist considered steroid IVs to stop the attack?? If this is a flare up of a previous attack, try to figure out what has caused it so you can get that to stop. When I have a dizziness flare up now of my previous attack, it’s usually caused by heat & I just have to cool myself down. With a recent dizziness flare up, I learned that I have to get my surrounding environment cooler & also get my core body temperature cooler. In other words, after I had my home cooked down to about 68 degrees, I still had to put some ice on my neck & get my physical self to cool down.

But I noticed this time that not only was the room spin around like I was spinning around & around in circles, my whole world was also flopping over & over like I was doing somersaults straight forward. It was very challenging to deal with this time. I’ve had the dizzy flare ups before; but they were just the spinning around. The round & round while feeling you were going feet over head too, I’m sure I was pretty funny to watch. But mine was just a flare up, so I just had to stop what was causing it – the heat. I put ice packs all over me & went to sleep. (I’m narcoleptic, so sleep is no problem for me.) I probably just needed to use the ice wrapped around my neck, but I was done with the double-dizzy & just wanted it stopped.

8 months ago

Dizziness is quite common. I suffered terribly whenI was first dxd but that was 25 years ago. Hardly had any in the last 20 years. It seemed to settle down after a couple of years, but even though rrms seems to have become spms (and they did tell me all those years ago that that would happen in 10-15 years and it took 23!) so hopefully yours will do the same. Good luck😍

8 months ago

I’ve had bouts of dizziness since my first onset of symptoms last January.
Neuro physio gave me exercises to help retrain my inner ear and gp tried me on various meds.
I’ve been having little flares for the past 5 weeks, mostly to do with tiredness and stress.

I’ve found the only meds that help is cinnarizine, which is a travel sickness med. I only need to take half a dose, sometimes twice a day, at the first feeling of motion and it starts to settle. If I wait too long before taking it, it gets worse and takes way longer to settle down again, sometimes over a week.
Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you 🤔 @joanna16!🤞🍀

8 months ago

Hi there, I was diagnosed with rrms after my first baby in 2014. I also experience dizziness at times and the pills I were given were to treat vertigo and they work immediately! Hope this helps x

8 months ago

What pills were you given for vertigo?

8 months ago

I take sturgeron its an airsickness tablet. Works wonders for dizziness. Hope you find one that helps you!

8 months ago

I’ve had vertigo during three relapses, and occasionally in between when I get hot or stressed. When it’s bad I take antivert/meclezine/Dramamine – motion sickness meds. When it’s really bad I also get nauseas and take zofran so I don’t throw up. I try to avoid moving my head too much when it happens.

8 months ago

I was given Prochlorperazine Buccal tablets. Hope this helps.


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