petal87 28/04/18
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Dizziness very short lived

Hi all, wondering if anyone can help or shed some light!

Since my first attack of symptoms 3 years ago I have experienced periods of what I can only explain as dizziness but feel more like vertigo (from what I have read) but they only last a few seconds.

They catch me totally unaware (today in Morrisons!) and feel as if I’m about to fall/completely out of balance – but luckily I’ve not.

I’ve had 2 times where it’s has lasted longer (minutes) and I found these distressing as they felt like the onset of a seizure, which accompanied my first symptoms but luckily hasn’t happened since.

Sorry bit of a ramble! But can vertigo only happen for very short periods?

Thanks 🙂 xxxx

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2 months ago

@petal87 , this may be what I call, “sensory overload”, especially in a supermarket.

It’s the cacophony of sounds, lights etc, which can overload our brains and other senses suffer. So, just beware of this.

2 months ago

@stumbler Thanks for your comment – that description fits perfectly with how it feels. I was trying to explain to a friend the sensation and it really is like a total inability to process my surroundings. X

2 months ago

Hello @petal87, I’ve had a few sporadic incidents like that too but it’s always first thing in the morning and then wears off. Don’t forget when you get them to report to your MS nurse. I was diagnosed last year but recently recalled a dizzy spin incident thirteen years ago so that was probably connected to the MS

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