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I am sorry for all the questions but I am really confused about what is an m.s.symptom and what is not.
I was having a fantastic day, I got so much accomplished!! I went to the grocery store, feeling great, but no sooner did I enter the store and I felt like a totally weird foggieness in my head and started bobbing around like a bobble head on the dash of a vehicle. Why does that happen? It was quite embarrassing.

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1 year ago

@jay47 , we can suffer from “sensory overload”. It’s when our brains have a plethora of things to analyse, e.g. sounds, visual activity, lighting, etc..

Sometimes, it can be too much and we become “bobbleheads”, to use your expression.

1 year ago

Thank you stumbler. That makes a lot of sense. I hate that feeling, sometimes I think I am going crazy with my symptoms but there are so many of them. Neurologist on Thursday, lets hope I get the thumbs up that all is well.

1 year ago

I’d definitely agree with @stumbler on sensory overload @jay47 some days it takes surprisingly little to overwhelm me but other days I can cope much better, another example of the unpredictability of ms I guess. However I have also noticed the certain shops can make me feel quite odd no matter what kind of day I’m having, I put it down to the lighting, it’s a very strange thing 🤔

1 year ago

@lilbird and @stumbler, thank you for your replies. I will mention this to my neurologist Thursday.

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