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Anyone ever get fast severe episodes of dizziness that come and go randomly? I have RRMS idk if it’s just a symptom but that’s scary stuff

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1 year ago

I had something like this a few days ago @diegomontes16 along with general sort of vertigo feelings.

It wasn’t much fun & made me think back to similar occasions a while ago before I was diagnosed & mentally add them to my previously unexplained symptoms that could be ms related list. I have had a cold recently & wonder if this has just upset things as I’ve definitely got a “hug” again at the moment.

1 year ago

I only ever get like this if I’ve “over done it”. I presume it is related to the fatigue element of the condition. Previously I’ve rung my MS nurse as I thought I was having a relapse, but he turned round (knows me too well!!) and said that I hadn’t paced myself, got tired, and this was the result. He was (annoyingly) right and it did settle back down. So I guess it’s about finding how much you can do before you need to take a break and making sure you take them.And also just checking in with the professionals if you continue to get the symptoms. It’s a weird condition and so different with everyone. Hope it sorts.

1 year ago

Vertigo. Yep! Annoying, but it doesn’t last long. I just wait it out.

1 year ago

Thanks guys 🙂

1 year ago

Yep, when I’ve done too much and made myself over tired, that can happen… schedule in a ten minute nap or something, and then get back on with it!

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