4 years ago
Discounted Camping – S. France 24th-31st Aug

There’s a heavily discounted camping opportunity, offered by an MS’er to MS’ers, that’s detailed in the Magazine part of this website.
There’s contact details for further information, or PM me.

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Looking good can I come too please ? Xx femke

Sounds like fun.

I don’t travel well, too agoraphobic but it’s a nice offer.

There’s a problem with the weblink for further information. Please use this link http://campingbytheriver.eu , whilst we get it fixed.

Would love some feed back wether this is a good idea or not ? So even if its negative I would still like to hear from you guys ! Thank you femke xx

I’m all up for it – I love France, I’m learning French (again) as a diversion from MS and I haven’t had a holiday/been abroad for years. I’m putting it in my diary and going to check out A/L availability tomorrow. Thanks for the offer Femke – I’ll come even if nobody else does. 😉

C’est très loin – il faut que tu donnes des directions, par train s’il te plaît – that’s me talking French 😉

Sounds awesome …. But to far and no time….:-\

Hi Oskar yes it is poss to do by train but its a long day the greatest drawback is that you have to change at Paris from one end of Paris north to Paris south they say its poss to do with metro but you only have a very small window to reach Paris south any delays in the metro and your done ! The next problem is that all the rentals come without towels and sheets ! Once your here without a car the problems can be solved we go shopping at least every two days and were happy for people to come along ! We are in the middle of nowhere wich makes it so beautiful here ! You know what they say problems are here to be solved , yo can fly here Bergerac is the nearest airport about 45 mins away and hire a car or if some of you get together we are willing to do one or two airport runs ( we have a nine seater minibus ) . Nice to hear you so enthusiastic the official language on the campsite is franglais and a bit of Dutch thrown in by me !
If I can help you more please let me know it would be nice to meet you ! Bisous femke

Very good French by the way !!! All the best femke xx

I’ll have to say no thanks. Lovely as it looks, I have to sleep in a quality bed or my life isn’t worth living, hahaha.

I think I might have got carried away last night – I declared unconditional intent to come before I saw where it is. I requested train information as I’m afraid of flying and even if I could ‘bite the bullet’, I’ve given up driving due to poor spatial awareness.
It’s not impossible for me to fly – I have flown to Warsaw a couple of times, plied with Valium, but it means I usually arrive a bit ‘drunk’.
Watch this space.

Hi Oskar the being drunk on arrival is no prob but if it going to cause you so many problems don’t put your knickers in a twist. , ! Although it would be nice to meet anybody outside of cyber space !
Bisous femke .

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