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So as I write this I am currently having a possible relapse affecting my vision. I’m waiting for an MRI and confirmation but currently I have perfect vision in each eye individually but when I open them both it is a blurry, double vision mess. I feel disoriented, dizzy and neausous and haven’t been able to move much. I’m terrified as this would be my first relapse and my vision has never been affected (which also gets me thinking if it’s not a relapse what on earth is happening which is also scary). Anyone else have symptoms like this? If so, how did you cope?

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1 year ago

Hi @lissaxox,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with this. This does sound suspicious of a relapse.

I’m recently diagnosed but have had two relapses since my initial symptom onset. One of those relapses resulted in double vision, much like you describe. The neurologist explained that I had developed a sixth nerve palsy which is a lesion on the brain stem and this is what is causing the diplopia. I’ve since had an MRI which confirmed this.

I also felt dizzy and nauseated at first but this seems to have gradually improved. I still have double vision and this seems to get worse when I exercise or am stressed but have started to adjust to it. I’ve tried wearing an eye patch. This does help clear things up but you do lose binocular vision and depth perception. I’ve also read that it is better to avoid using an eye patch for prolonged periods because this may reduce the likelihood of the brain adjusting to the problem.

I hope this helps and that you start to feel better soon.

1 year ago

Hi there
I have had 2 relapses over 2 years (just diagnosed last September with RRMS and had lemtrada in November) both times I have had the horrible double vision….the second time (August) it was really bad…was given prism glasses to wear and started out with a 12 prescription, then down to an 8 in October…it has improved again since then to around a 4 but not gone away completely…and I notice it when driving and walking so really for distance. My neurologist told me in can take 6-12 months to go or improve to it’s max. Ask for a referral to an eye doctor who will give you some temporary glasses which they will keep adjusting as they improve….it will get better but can take some time and I know it’s horrible but it does get better x

1 year ago

@lissaxox , I agree with @joanne46 that you need a referral to an Optometrist (I think that’s their title), who can measure the degree of error in the convergence of your eyes.

Regular use of prisms, gradually decreasing in strength, can retrain your eyes.

1 year ago

@stumbler @joanne46 @dekkor

Thank you so much for your responses! This new symptom has been very scary for me but just reading your experiences and advice has given me comfort.

I haven’t been getting around to well – probably spend 90% of the day laying down as the nausea and headaches and disorientation are quite bad. I just completed some tests for my MS Clinic to rule out infection etc and waiting to see if I’ll start on steroids. Also waiting for an MRI to be scheduled.

I’ll contact my optometrist’s office today to see when I could get a spot there !

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