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Hey, I was just wondering what people who suffer with ms find to be the best diet? I have read about the George Jelineks overcoming ms diet and have decided to try this diet out. Did anyone find any problems with cutting out meat and dairy? And how has it affected your fatigue?

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We follow oms and it was a little tricky at first. My wife really needed meat to stay full feeling (even just a small bite of chicken). That took about a week or two but now we are fully complaint. She doesn’t like fish but she is now doing well with salmon. She doesn’t need to lose weight but cutting the sugar and junk along with exercising caused her to lose the weight she wanted and then a bit more then that but she then hit a stable weight.

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Hi @reynoldss this is mine & (@californiadreamin) favourite subject 😄

I’ve been on Ashton Embryos Best Bet Diet for 10 years (The website is very extensive). His son has ms, so there is first hand experience and Ashton is a dr. It’s slightly different in that I can have lean red meat once a week, and I kinda link in a paleo diet. I eat lots of fish, take various supplements (but not all recommended by BB diet). I’m gluten, dairy and legume (beans, lentils, soya) free. I’ve tried to reintroduce legumes, but they just drain me. I juice most days, eat fermented foods and eat lots of ginger and turmeric which energises me. I do yoga everyday, which I find energising but I can’t really do cardio exercise unless I can rest for a couple of days. It’s a case of trial and error and knowing, understanding and listening to your body. I would absolutely recomend an ms diet either alongside drugs or stand alone. Only you know yourself. Good luck. Check out my fb page for tips x

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Hi I too have read Dr Jelinaks book it was really helpful after i was diagnosed. I am following his diet and after the initial period of working out what too eat, after being a meat eater all my life, it is now quite simple. There are so many milk replacements available and vegetarian food is amazing. I do take medication alongside the diet and Yoga and a good gym regime and this seems to be keeping me well and fit enough to carry on working in a physically demanding job

@reynoldss as @vickivictoria says this is something I care about a lot. Part of the reason for that is I think it *does* make a big difference in final outcomes but is not talked about nearly enough by most Dr’s. There is really good science behind it. Its hard to prove some of these things becuase of the difficulty of a trial (diet has so many factors and takes a lot of time) and there is a little financial incentive for anyone to do those trials. If there are 10 things that could help and all of them have only likely positive effects, the hope is that even if a few help, it would be worth doing.

In the end there are probably commonalities between all of these diets that show benefits. Its not surprising if most of them are eliminating processed food/sugar/oils etc that maybe all of them could be helpful. For me I read Jelineks books and followed up on a number of the studies he cited. Most come from good and repudiable sources. Its amazing to me how many things are considered “finding” or “science” just because someone references a study. Some of those studies are even shown to be wrong, but authors sometimes keep referencing the incorrect studies. I came to believe Jelinek did good research and having no other experience, picked something we could believe in.

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I follow the oms, still trying to get my head around the whole programme but it is a lifestyle change. Eating out can be difficult and remember it is not a quick fix, results in the book say 3-5 years. The thing is you will never know if it is doing you any good as the results show it is thought to reduce relapse rates, and you would never know if you were not doing the diet how your disease pathway would go anyway but I see it as it is not going to do me any harm and it helps also to reduce other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

@pinky50. For what it’s worth you also have that same wonder with a drug. We are also usIng Tecfidera and will never know what the course would have been like.

One thing on oms from people that have been on it longer is that they notice there old symptoms get worse quickly off the diet and better back on. It’s so hard to tell with ms for sure but I think we might have experienced that a bit as well. (But it was mixed in the Tecfidera GI issues)

At some point we just looked at the evidence and the risk and just went all in. The main reason holding is back was the effort and missing foods our family liked. It turned out not to be nearly as big of a deal as we thought (though it was and still is a lot of effort). It’s worth it though. And we are finding new things we love.

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Hi there, I’ve been vegan now for four years and the difference​ it has made for me has been crazy! I’ve gone from needing sticks to walk to being able to use the gym, go walking, skiing, pretty much anything I want to do.
I appreciate that this isn’t purely to do with diet, but also with adjusting how I live and how I approach the world. Mindfulness and meditation had helped in no small part, as has taking up yoga and taking a big dose of vegan vitamin D every day.
There’s a really strong link between neurological conditions and diet, so anything you can do will help. I no longer take any medication and feel amazing!
If you want any links to reading materials or help/support then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Hope that this has helped?

Bill above ^ spot on man !!!!
So chuffed to read so many like minded , turning it back type attitudes , really great!!
Yes diet is KEY gut health is finally being recognised as the starting point to illness in the neuronic field ( which is pretty much all illnesses )
I used doc jelenkin to kick start my changes !
Threw out all fast food packets & processed!!!!
I live vegitarian atempt to be vegan as much as I can bare , I use a nuetralised diet technic now which is gut healing , this is making small but notable changes & even my dentist couldnt work out how my teeth have dramatically altered in health
( well , because the stomach is directly in line to the mouth 0f course)
U can heal the majority of ms by shrinking bad habits of all types adding physical activities & wellbeing in mindful meditation reiki holistic approaches ,……, preach over lol x

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