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Diet puzzlement

Before I start my question let me state that I know no diet is scientifically or neurologically supported, I’m currently on Tysabri, it’s just a case of ANYTHING THAT JUST MIGHT MAKE IT GO AWAY.
I’ve been dairy free and following the Swank diet for over a year now, I went gluten free in November and yesterday I got a Palaeo auto-immune diet book which rules out a lot of the stuff that the Swank diet endorses (flax seeds etc).
So, basically I’m wondering has anybody followed a diet that they’ve found helps? Or does anybody have advice?
I’m feeling a bit befuddled by it all and would really like to know other people’s experiences.
Oh, and I’m also drinking Kale smoothies and taking a tsp of Manuka honey every day – as I said, anything at all that might help!
Thanks so much, Ema

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3 years ago

hi @emaweston, many regimes exist, Kousmine, Seignalet and so on. Seignalet claimed (he’s died) his regime cures MS : no animal milk, no read meat, no juice meat, no wheat (thus no white bread), no quick sugar, no saturated fats … a lot of constraints for an uncertain result. But at least, you’ll avoid many others pathologies that could complicate dramatically MS. Canada is active in this domain.

3 years ago

Hi,I follow the Best bet diet which no diary,gluten,sugar,pulses and low fat, lots of dark green veg been I have been on the diet for about 3 years and feel really good,I got diagnosed 3 years ago and haven’t had any relapses hopefully I will carry on feeling so good, its quite hard to keep to the diet sometimes but I think its worth it I also take lots of supplements.

3 years ago

Hi @simone2. What supplements do you take? Currently I take Vit D, b12, cod liver oil, and I’ve just ordered turmeric tablets. I also have milled flax seed every morning. Do you take anything else? Thanks.

3 years ago

Hi, I take vit c 3,000mg, vit D,magnesium for leg cramps,vit B complex,mineral complex,ginkgo -6,000mg,lysine 500mg for neuralgia
I use to take Turmeric tablets but now take the powder which is cheaper
also starflower 1,000mg
since taking the supplements I have more energy, just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

3 years ago

I follow the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis diet by Prof George Jelinek. It is based on Swanks theory but with more up to date information. It is a wholistic approach so incorporates getting enough sunshine, exercise and meditation as well as following dietary guidelines.
Have a look at the website it’s also on Facebook and definitely worth a look at.
Hope this helps

3 years ago

After trying various diets including Swank, I gave up on them because a) they did absolutely nothing to help my demyelinated leg and b) my neuro (who is an MS-ologist) told me that while I might FEEL better on a certain food plan, it would have zero effect on the course of the illness. I have two theories about diet: I’m sure that MS finds and exacerbates any weakness or intolerance in the body, so if you do have a problem with certain foods, it will be magnified. Secondly, to fight the MS, we need the very best general health possible, and that means eating properly and avoiding junk. It may be worth getting yourself screened for intolerances/allergies. If you google ‘York Test’, you can get this done quite simply and not too expensively through a two-stage home testing kit. You give a blood sample (finger prick) and send it off. It comes back either positive or negative. If negative (as I was) there’s no indication of intolerance in common foods. If positive, you then pay to have it screened against multiple food substances. Hope that helps xx

3 years ago

There is a lot of new research about how salt makes Ms symptoms worse and also Msg. To avoid both of these you basically need to cook from scratch and avoid all processed foods. I thought it was just food freakery at first, but so much research shows that both salt and msg are really bad for MSers and the answer is a wide variety of heathy home cooked food with no additives at all ( not even stock cubes and soy sauce). I don’t want to live on boring tasteless food , so I am learning to cook with more herbs and spices and less artificial crap, that actually interfers with your weakened neurons doing their essential job.

3 years ago

I am just going on line to buy my next two months supply of Mssential supplements which I really think help. They were designed by an MSers for MSers and they send really quickly and easily from the U.S. I am not on commission, I am just convinced they have all the things we need in 6 pills a day.

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