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Diet for MS?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to figure out what would be the more optimal diet to treat MS:
OMS diet or Wahls paleo diet?

Reading online both are apparently great for MS by their proponents, but looking at them they are fundamentally different almost excluding each other from what you should eat and what you shouldnt.

This puzzles me since i believe diet plays a huge part in someone dealing with MS.

Any thoughts?

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1 year ago

Hi @matus82
I follow OMS. I found the thinking behind it (low saturated fat diet) to make sense as diets high in saturated fat causes inflammation. It also follows on from the work of Prof Roy Swank, a neurologist who discovered that in areas in Norway where they eat a predominately meat and dairy diet, the instances of MS were higher as opposed to the areas that had a mainly fish diet.
It’s big change to start with but after a few months you get used to it! I’m sure there will be plenty other posts from people who have seen benefits from paleo diets, but I noticed straight away i had more energy and my mood improved on the diet. Best of luck with deciding what’s for you.

1 year ago

I must agree with @annie13, @matus82

I’ve been following OMS pretty strictly since the turn of the year and it has already made a huge difference to my fatigue levels and general wellbeing. I’ve even started liking fish!

1 year ago

I think there is more to this…it also depends on what DMT if any you are on. I am using high fat high protein diet is the one for me at the moment. From what I have read OMS would be no use!

1 year ago


I did not read about those two diets; just trust my wife since she is in charge.

Vitamin D + Omega 3-6-9 every morning. Plus she blends me a fruit Smoothie. No milk, no eggs, no red meat – I can cheat on this every few weeks… 😉

So far, so good.

1 year ago

@matus82 I went through the same conundrum and initially thought I might be able to take the best of both diets and combine them into one master MS diet, but I soon realised I would be living of broccoli only for the rest of my life.
I chose to go OMS based on the fact that there was more robust evidence based on Swanks actual trials. Yes I know they were not blind and controlled trials but they were more scientific than Wahls.
My MS is currently “stable” as in no active/new lesions on last MRI. I don’t know if it is the Gilenya or the OMS lifestyle… but “whatever it takes” right.
Plus the OMS stuff is all free. The Wahls stuff you need to pay for diet plans/more detailed info. Feels like a scam. Feels like OMS is genuinely trying to help people with MS not make money.
As per some other posts I do still have cheat days but I try to limit them to once a month or if I am on holidays. A full rack of slow smoked ribs tastes even better when you know it is forbidden fruit.

1 year ago

I’m on the Whals protocol… too early to tell wether helps me, few minor changes and weight loss.early says so cannot really comment fully yet , give me a bit longer .
You do eat meat in it but I eat more fish than beef, chicken, turkey.
I think a diet along Mediterranean is the way to go.
on Whals you have lots of coconut milk and oil . On oms you don’t eat saturated fats but Whals argues that the fats are good fats not bad fats.

I would say though that on the OMS you eat beans , breads etc but if you look up Dr STEPHEN Grundy and see what he says about beans / legumes/ hull that makes brown bread / flour and “lectins” he believes they are really what cause the damage to people’s health and damage people’s guts hence damaging Health . Which is why many people are sensitive to nightshades … such as white potatoes full and high in “lectins”

I also think gluten and dairy are not good!


Anyway I hope for a healed body ! But that’s why someone came up with that Quote “time is a healer “ “patience is golden” —— don’t like those quotes 😊👋

1 year ago

We follow OMS in our family. For the same reasons that some have listed above. Another factor for us is that it is very compatible with a heart healthy diet thats been pretty carefully studied. In the end most of them will move you healthier by dropping processed foods and sugar a lot, but I just felt the evidence was more solid on OMS. we would switch in a blink if something showed results to the contrary but for the past 18 months since my wife has had MS thats what we have been doing combined with Tecfidera.

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