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Hi everyone!

I’m 20 and was diagnosed with MS at new year.

I’ve been doing some research about it and discovered that diet can bring on attacks or episodes. After this I changed my diet and have been feeling better for it!!
I’ve done things such as eliminate wheat products, dairy, refined sugar and caffeine, however as i’m a vegetarian my diet has become even MORE limited than before, as at the moment i’m only eating raw foods (fruit, veg, nuts and seeds) and taking vitamin D (either 1,000mg or 5,000mg [depending on how I’m feeling]).

Is anybody in the same position or could anybody add anything that I could possibly include in my diet, that I may be lacking in?

I look forward to hearing from you ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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5 years ago

Hi there Poppylola
I cannot offer you any advice but I am three weeks into being a vegetarian and not feeling good but I think that is due to the cold, As you are vegetarian can you advise on any tasty veggie dishes
I am just about to tuck into a three bean chimmy changa and salad! x

5 years ago

Hi loulou,

Did you decide to become a veggie, when you were diagnosed or before you were?

Before I used to make stir fry (without the meat) with Broccoli, Pepper and some red onion, then put some spinach in at the end to wilt a little, with some sesame seeds.
-Butternut squash, carrot and chilli soup
-Mainly meze like things: hummus, falafel (as its gluten free), aubergine dip.
-Pearl barley w/ pesto
-Quinoa, beetroot, feta, walnut and spinach salad.

The list goes on…

If you’re not feeling very well, take vitamins such as vitamin D (you can get from specialist stores), vitamin B and iron (due to a lack of red meat), they’ve helped me! ๐Ÿ˜€

Sounds lovely, enjoy!

5 years ago

Thats a very high dose of Vit D surely you mean ยตg of Vit D..

I would suggest consulting a dietician (not a nutritionist) there’s no doubt that eating healthy is good for us and can probably improve most peoples health when the have a chronic condition:).
Beans and pulses contain protein, which is pretty essential for many things, citrus fruits have potassium & vit C which is needed for muscle movement, among other things..
There is such a thing as taking too many vitamins.. ๐Ÿ™‚ What works for ye, might not work for me etc:)

5 years ago

I think the Vitamin D dose quoted way above should be 5000iu.

5000mg would be equal to 200,000 iu, meaning swallowing 40 5000iu tablets! ๐Ÿ˜†

It is confusing though!

5 years ago

I didn’t realise that there was a difference between ยตg and mg, I apologise. (i just thought that ยตg was a science-y way of saying mg)

Thanks, I will definitely try the dietician advise, I will mention it to my MS nurse when I have my first appointment with her :).

I only take the iron tablets, due to being anaemic (not due to MS) and the vit d- as it was suggested by a homeopath and GP-, however i’m now living in Spain till June, so I have eased off the vit d and only take the 1,000ยตg every couple of days.


5 years ago

Wow! I am 21, I am vegetarian, I am currently trying to cut out dairy, caffeine, hydrogenated fats, and any artificial chemically things from my diet. We should talk!! I am trying this just now, and it is really good. Quite expensive but worth it. This is probably the first time I have had any omega 3 in my diet since I was 13…

5 years ago

Hi… interesting that you have gone the raw food route…

you may want to have a look at this blog:

there’s loads of recipes… offers of support… guidance etc.. for those wanting to try a raw food diet.

there’s loads of blogs and websites out there… but when i changed my diet and included a load of raw food recipes… i found this blog good.

I was a vegetarian for nearly 20 years… and packed it in when i got diagnosed with MS.

I know eat heaps of fish and one to two chicken dishes a week. (free range/organic).

My thinking was what’s worse for me Soy and Quorn (quorn is not made from funghi (mushrooms as i thought but is a highly processed mould) … or very natural good quality piece of chicken or fish?

(a) i lost a load of weight as a result
(b) I cut out soy products, wheat and the majority of lentils, pulses etc that had formed the basis of my diet previously.

I was VERY strict with myself initially…. but have now eased up on myself and found what feels to me the right balance.

the only problem i found was that quitting being a veggie is a slippery slope… and all my best intentions…. occasionally go out the window… especially when out… I have been known to eat chicken of unknown origins in restaurants… and it’s bloody good! If i’m truly honest… I’ve even eaten a McD’s chicken wrap. (oh the shame.)

To be honest… my girlfriend of the past year is a veggie… so as i don’t wanna cook two dinners all the time… i have now occasional mixed bean chilli or lentil curry, and the occasional piece of quorn)

I still try to avoid soy though….

and I watch my Saturated fat content really closely..

5 years ago

Thanks, KirstyScotland8 and JustJones.

I was interested to see whether being a veggie (being a veggie for 15/16years), was still a healthy way of life with MS and you’ve made it seem like it is possible! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll definitely take these pieces of advice on board, as i’m always interested in trying new things, that may help me more in the long run!

JustJones, yeah I heard that saturated fat was a NO-NO and i’ve also tried to steer clear of it, now so more than ever!

KirstyScotland8 yeah we should definitely talk, swap tips, help each other along!!


5 years ago


I have been doing the Swank diet. I bought a book called the MS diet but it was so difficult as I was not aloud gluten, dairy etc… The swank diet I find is a lot easier as it basically focuses on healthy eating. You are only aloud fat free dairy and certain types of oil…

I would really recommend it. I have been doing it since Jan 2012 and it has been going well, as in I have not had any symptoms. The only thing s that you need to be careful to eat enough in quantity or enough high fat foods in the week (egg yolk, avocados, nuts etc) as I lost a lot of weight at the beginning of it.

It can be hard to stick to it (especially when you are not aloud any chocolate and everyone in my workplace eats chocolate!) but I reckon it is well worth it. Do treat yourself occasionally though ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to hat any further though let me know, I can share some ‘fat free’ cake recipes ๐Ÿ™‚


5 years ago

My diet consists or no dairy, as low sat fat as possible, poly unsat and omega 3 oil, protein (I’m a runner) and I’m just finishing the last of my soy products (hearing bad things about it). Tbh you can find ways of making foods with dairy alternatives etc, Google is your friend!

As has been mentioned I lost a lot of weight but taking up more unsat fats with almonds, flax seed oil, sunflower seeds, and I utilize topping my cereal in the morning or trying it in meals.

I do Carb load a bit with various wheat produce (bread, pasta).

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