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Hi, Since I was diagnosed in 2010 I,v been eating a low saturated fat diet with no red meat or fatty dairy products. I read on the internet that there are theories that this can help to reduce progression. does anyone have any thoughts on diet or know anything that could help


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I’m like you in the avoiding red meats, less so on the dairy products, but I do feel better for it. How much of an effect its having is debatable, but its certaun that if you eat a healthier diet, you’re going to feel better 🙂


thanks 🙂 yeah thats what i thought, Its going to be difficult to tell if it has an effect but i suppose there is no harm in it. Even if it just makes me generally healthier i suppose thats a good thing.

Omegas 3 & 6 are particularly important (sunflower oil, seeds, enriched spreads) as is Vitamin D. All the advice I’ve had is to eat a healthy diet – and not to cut anything out specifically unless it’s due to other health reasons or lifestyle choices (e.g. vegetarianism, food intolerances etc). I eat a balanced diet, plenty of fresh veg, low fat dairy products, (I’m vegetarian but have been for years – nothing to do with MS) and exercise regularly – I think that’s the main thing. It’s all to do with a general healthy lifestyle!

I echo GMG i def reccommend taking fish oils and vit D and cutting down on dirya nd red meat – but life is for living so i when there is a special occation once in a while i will murder a steak..but only every now and again. xx:)

I guess that it may depend on the person but apart from having a really good diet i noticed that a bit of wine sometimes also helps.

I guess that it may depend on the person but apart from having a really good diet i noticed that a bit of wine sometimes also helps.

It’s the same with everything I think … live well, eat healthy. Everyone should be trying to do the 2 fruit 5 veg thing but I know I don’t haha.

You want vitamin D3 (not D2 … not as good) as well … I was at an MS Australia ‘Newly Diagnosed’ session on Wednesday and they strongly recommended that. I take a multi vitamin everyday as well.

Just remember dont’ give up everything you love! Live Life 🙂

Yep, eat healthily to keep your body healthy!


thanks people 🙂

Hey everyone, take a look at this website:
I have read this book as well, the site and book are written by an Australian doctor with MS, so he’s in a unique position to be able to assess all the research etc critically, and disseminate the findings to the rest of us! It may be interesting to note, that he hasn’t had a relapse in a decade, largely due to following this diet and lifestyle.
xxx 🙂

Brilliant advice from Rachie! I posted on the same topic a couple of months ago and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed my diet since then (as others suggest: no red meat; no dairy; more omega 3; plenty of fish etc). Thanks so much to this book- it’s been life changing to me and I definitely recommend it to others! xxx

I was diagnosed a year ago and on the advise of a man in my area who had been aware of his MS for 25 years, I changed my diet. Everything is completely organic, no meat aside from chicken, no animal fat, taking fish oils as I don’t like fish, low dairy, low-no gluten. Lots of fresh organic fruit, veg (not too many green veg as they are high in iron), brown rice (high in vitamin b12, which is very important) WATER, honey, wheatgrass. I know it sounds like a lot, and at the beginning I thought it was ridiculous, but I work to an 80/20 rule so I’ll stick to it, and I do. If I go out for a meal I’ll order whatever I want, but if I’m at home I’ll be good! It was tough at the beginning but I’ve never felt better and I firmly believe in the diet I’m on xxx I hope this helps.

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