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Diagnosis at last ? maybe

All my symptoms have been dismissed.Lesions considered benign (Can a previous LP years ago leave a lesion ?) evoked potential clear.Then after much foot stamping I got a LP(£ week ago) Neuro has rung today wants to see me tommorow.This seems awful quick,I am so sure it is going to be a positive LP.I feel awful as in some ways I will feel vindicated as neuro(s) have been very dismissive.Have you been called back so quick ? what happened ? Thanks for listening.Doubt I will sleep tonight now.In some ways I want a diagnosis this has gone on so long.Does this sound bonkers ?

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1 year ago

Doesn’t sound bonkers at all, I felt the same way. I thought finally I can get a doctor to listen to me instead of thinking I am hypochondriac. Well they don’t think I am a hypochondriac anymore but they aren’t that much help. When I have a problem I go to my GP and she says it sounds like a MS problem. So I go to my neuro and he says it doesn’t sound like MS go to your GP. The only time I go to a doctor anymore is to get antibiotics and blood work done, I do a lot of research and try to take care of anything that comes up myself. Potter

1 year ago

Hi there! Well it’s great news that you have a neuro appointment, as this can often be a huge stumbling block. The appointment tomorrow will hopefully be about ruling MS in, or out. There are other things that can show up in a LP, and equally that can be ruled out too. One way or another, it will be great for you to know and make a plan. Did you have a recent blood test and MRI, as his usually goes hand in hand with a LP. Good luck tomorrow, please can you update on Shift? X

1 year ago

Hi @dottylotty and welcome.

Your journey to a diagnosis is not unfamiliar to a fair few of us. But, it does sound like that journey is coming to an end and your concerns vindicated.

I can understand your apprehension, but whatever you do won’t change what happens tomorrow. So, it’s time to pamper yourself. You deserve a treat for coming this far. So, break out the wine and chocolate.

And. do come back to update us tomorrow.

1 year ago

Thanks for your kind words.To be honest I will be glad when tommorow is over.Common sense says she would not want to see me so quick if the LP was clear,but maybe I`m wrong.If this is clear I doubt she will see me again as she seems to think I am imagining my symptoms.If the LP is positive in some ways I will feel vindicated, ? sad eh

1 year ago

@dottylotty are you okay?

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