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Diagnosed today

Hey my name is Verniter
I am 39 years
Been having symptoms a long time but nothing
I did an mri of the brain yesterday and this was the results

MRI of the brain demonstrates no evidence of intracranial hemorrhage, extracerebral fluid collection, midline shift or mass-effect. The basilar cisterns and ventricles are patent.
Multiple lesions are seen to involve the periventricular white matter of both cerebral hemispheres. Many of these lesions display an orientation which is perpendicular to the ventricular system, a finding often seen in the setting of MS. Lesions are seen within the corpus callosum, and abnormal signal is seen at the callosal septal margin. Scattered subcortical white matter lesions are also identified, as well as lesions within the pons and at the junction of the pons and the medulla. Finally, lesions are seen within the proximal brachium pontis. Following gadolinium administration, a left anterior temporal periventricular lesion is noted noted to enhance, measuring7mminsize.Noadditionalenhancinglesionsareseen.
The paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are well aerated.
Impression: Innumerable white matter lesions are seen. The orientation and distribution is suggestive of the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. A solitary enhancing lesion is seen within the left temporal lobe, as described above.

My only symptoms now is slowed walk and in balance

God is still. Great God

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1 year ago

@keistt , the technical details of an MRI scan are pretty meaningless to me and should therefore be discussed with your Neurologist.

You will also need to discuss whether a Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) should be started.

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Hello there, maybe it’s a U.S thing but I don’t know that any of us have that level of technical information! So we’re you actually diagnosed today, and do they know which type?

1 year ago

Yes I was and the are working on the type
This morning I fell for the first time going to the bathroom
I got up with severe body weakness
I had to drag myself to be able to get up
This has never happened
I also notice my knees pushing back when I walk have anybody experienced that? It was scary
Right now I have to walk and hold on

1 year ago

@keistt , knees pushing back is referred to as Knee Hyper-extension. There’s some details about this condition here :-

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