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diagnosed but not feeling it…

So after a year of questions and tests etc after previously being told in 2013 I didn’t have ms yesterday I saw my MS specialist who has ‘diagnosed’ me and has referred me to my ms nurse. It’s not a surprise if anything it’s nice to get it confirmed so I can start looking forward but I still don’t feel they are certain… when asking yesterday if it’s a 100% they said they are certain as they can be. It’s hard because I think until I see it in black and white I still half expect them to change their mind… I’m sceptical to tell anyone as I don’t want to later retract it! Has anyone else felt like this?! How do you get your head around it? Thanks… a confused 31 year old mum of one x

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1 year ago

Take your time, @ghodder . It may have been expected, but this diagnosis can still be a shock. The following is worth a read to understand some of your feelings:-

As far as telling people, this is very personal. Once you’ve “let the cat out of the bag”, it can’t go back in. The following will give you some ideas on this aspect of your diagnosis.

1 year ago

I told a handful of people at first, but when I started using a crutch, I was sick of the usual questions like ‘what have you done?’. I then decided to tell anyone who asked.

1 year ago

I was waiting for my diagnosis for over 10 years, unfortunately sometimes takes time.

1 year ago

Hey @ghodder
I was just diagnosed in Jan, and I’m 31 too 😄 I still struggle to accept my diagnosis and think they’ve made a “mistake”. Even tho I’ve seen my mri’s, lumbar puncture results etc, so I know how you feel. My advice, take it slow tell whomever you like when you feel ready. I’ve still not got my head around it yet but worrying about how your diagnosis will impact family/friends will only make u feel worse I know from experience. Let it sink in a bit. If you want to talk more just message me. 😘

1 year ago

I cried for a couple of weeks, I knew it could be a possibility because we have lots of autoimmune diseases in the family. After the two weeks was up I decided it was time to go to war with MS, it’s been ten years and so far I am doing pretty good. So get a good cry in a make a battle plan. Potter

1 year ago

Thanks all for your comments… I think I will wait until I speak to my ms nurse and get a letter from the hospital with it in black and white and then start making a plan of attack! It’s so great to be able to talk here as I don’t think unless your in the situation you can understand how odd this all feels!

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