loulou 17/01/13
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Dexterity in the hands

Hi there
Is anyone, does anyone have problems with dexterity in their hands
This cold seems to make it so much worse I find, doing up my duvet buttons this morning was a joke fumbling with buttons. I recently bought a nice letter opener to save fiddling with well stuck down envelopes!
anyone got any helpful tips or little gadgets they use to make menial tasks easier?

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5 years ago

@loulou, anything in this website that could help?

5 years ago

cheers, thankfully not at that stage and hoping I wont be!
just little fiddly things with cold hands are sometimes awkward

5 years ago

I have general weakness in my arms and i cannot hold a pen anymore with my right/writing hand.

5 years ago

I think a lot of people have problems holding a pen these day, not just us!
Not many people have a reason to use a pen these days, so it’s lack of practice. 🙄

5 years ago

As i am a designer it is not good that i cannot hold a pencil/pen or brush.

5 years ago

Is your left hand ok @openminded ? I have issues on my left hand side and im left handed so for the last year ive been practicing writing with my right hand. it looks like a 7 year old kid who just learned how to do joined up writing but its legible , sorta.
im gonna keep practicing though!

5 years ago

@openminded I seem to have a problem with my arm strength, seems to be limited to my wheelchair though. I’ve never had much upper body strength mind.

@loulou I find shirt buttons a nightmare, silly fingers.

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