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Decluttering is what they recommend before we die; so others are not forced to clean up our life mess after we are gone. Whey that means is going through all our things and tossing away irrelevant stuff.

Not planning on dying soon but we have to sell our house then move into a smaller high rise apartment with an elevator. So I have been shredding papers; nine large garbage bags are gone. Physical things have been given to nephews & nieces to save them the expense of buying things they will use.

The last few days have been great – we are now going through dresser drawers with photos, letters, trinkets (etc…) from long ago. They bring back great memories & we laugh & talk about fun times. Jos posted on her Facebook page the wedding ring receipt from 18 years ago – our Anniversary is in less than two hours… And my Facebook friends love my High School graduation marks from 45 years ago… It is fun sharing our past; decluttering is great

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1 year ago

Very cathartic, I’m sure. 😉

1 year ago

It’s unbelievable the amount of stuff we can accumulate over the years. Wish more people could do what you’re doing. Being minimalist and decluttering make you feel so much lighter and better, immense therapeutic effect.

1 year ago

I would declutter but most of the stuff is my husbands, I can’t get him to turn loose of anything. I grew up in a house where we declutter once a month, his parents kept everything. He wants to finish the basement, every time he brings it up, I say we need to get a dumpster first to clear the basement out. He drops the subject. Maybe once he retires we can have a big garage sale and clear some things out. Potter

1 year ago

I think once you’ve seen houses which have not been through the decluttering process, you’re motivated to avoid being the same. I have friends who literally go through their house either on tiptoe or twisting their bodies because every corner, doorway and even individual stairs are cluttered with boxes, musical instruments or piles of paper. Apart from anything else it has to be a fire hazard and although I love seeing them, I’m always scared I’ll fall or trip in their house. I’ve recently had some home improvements done which required a skip. Well, I was on a roll – what a wonderful opportunity to get rid of stuff from all over the house. By the time it was collected, it was piled high! x

1 year ago

I now hate the word clutter due to the show about hoarding. So I am organizing starting with my beloved books. I have weeded out half and do more in a month,

1 year ago

When I had to move to years ago, I didn’t have an apartment to moveat the time of my move I was moving from a two bedroom and had been there 9 years. The move was a disaster, but I got everything out and into a self storage unit. and found an apartment about 20 miles from where I’d lived before. I moved a mini,mum amount of furniture. And about 3 months ago, I decided it was time to empty the storage unit. The discovery of couple of boxes in my ex’s garage , one being a box of papers (I’m a writer so I have a lot of paper) and in going through the box, I found things that I’d written with I was in high school!) And with little hesitation, threw out 95% of what I found. And I repeated the process with the storage unit. I called Gpt Junk, who’ll take anything! (I’d used them during my prior move and got rid of nearly a truck’s worth of stuff.) And had my movers take several much needed items to my new apartment (like a couch). Anyhow, the upshot is I got rid of 90% of the stuff in storage and managed to get what remained to my apartment using a friemd’s car. So now everything I own is all in one place. And it is incredibly liberating to physically let go of the past. And as someone already said, I don’t plan on dying any time soon, but have made my kid’s job a lot easier by not having to go through a LOT of junk.

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