5 years ago
Dealing with this heat

Hello hello 🙂

I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips on dealing with this heat beyond me going around topless? I really don’t have the body fo that, far too hairy, unlike my head.


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It’s funny that you should mention your head, as I was advised to keep my cool by wearing a hat that has been rinsed in water.
You can also get little handheld fans, which spray a little water too.

The hat thing could work for me, the fan less so with my crutches, but thanks 🙂


The heat is always a problem. I am currently in Tokyo,Japan where the summer temperature is 40c during the day and 30 at night. My solution is air -conditioning. You need to buy a good AC unit which is good at cold and warm. Having such a unit enables you to sleep at night in a cool room. A definite god send.
Another trick is always have a small frozen bottle of water in your bag. This is not for drinking but for keeping a towel you have wrapped around the bottle cool. When you feel hot just take out the towel and it should be nice and cold… plus the towel keeps the water from thawing out too quickly.
This has been a life saver on long car journeys.

When I can I try to ride my bike to work (10 mile each way)on hot days I have to get into a tepid shower straight away when I get home to stop my legs from fizzing, I also found that filling a sink bowl half full of cold water from the tap and sitting with my feet in it helps after I’ve had a shower. Hope this helps and happy days,

Gosh, I really dont know how you cope living there in that heat, the heat we are having here in the Uk for the past three days is unbearable for me, I can honestly say this is the worst I have ever felt healthwise, bring on the drizzle again (Im sorry to say)
I guess you are used to it


Cool showers help decrease my internal temperature and a cooling vest is wonderful for when I want to participate in any outside activities. And it makes me look like I am wearing a ballistics vest, so no one messes with me.

Yes I sit in my recliner with the ac on and the ceiling fan on med and if I go out I use the cooling vest. At night I take a cool shower sleep nude with no blankets or sheets. Last Saturday I woke up covered with the sheets and my head was so hot and overheated I just put the cold water on and jumped right in the shower, then I felt better.


@Gav Funny, btw.

Come to Scotland!
It ticked over 20 deg C today – quite manageable
I used to live in Malaysia, and 35 every day was a killer

I have bought the mother of all blow up pools 🙂 both me and my daughter enjoy that :). Argos had them in the sale and it’s the best 19£ i’ve spend for summer!

Here’s the MSRC’s take on Heat Intolerance:-

You get lots of cooling aids now days, which you can order online, mainly based on the principle of evaporation. I have a cooling vest and wrist bands and they do help quite a bit. Other than that, there’s swimming which is always helpful.
Hope this helps, x-)

Can anyone recommend a cooling vest for me?


I have two kinds. I invested in an evaporative cooling kind and one that has multiple pockets for special cooling packs. The latter is slightly pricey, but it never has to be replaced if cared for properly. I use the Kool Max brand for that one. My evaporative vest is manufactured by Polar Products. I purchased both from, but I know the brands can actually be purchased elsewhere. I love both of them. What I particularly like about my ‘ballistics’ vest is that I can choose where I want the packs to go (i.e. on my back or just on my chest), the cooling lasts for hours so I can attend outside events, and the cooling packs are small enough to fit in any freezer. Nope, I’m not a vendor, just a believer. Oh, and sometimes I use the pack alone on my legs while I’m sleeping. And they’re perfect for use after shots! Gav, I can’t have you walking around topless. Hope this helps, friend.

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