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8 months ago

I went to school with a guy that was born without legs and one deformed hand. He married a nurse, they have two children and have been married 40 years. I would hang around bars, restaurants, churches, shopping near hospitals. Potter

8 months ago

hi @djdsouza …. Yeah, some women will not be interested but plenty are. I’m not a full-time wheelchair user but I walk like drunk with my stick and I go out on dates. My MS is pretty obvious to anyone watching me.
Just make em laugh! women like a guy who makes them laugh… and a positive attitude helps too. Do not despair!
Get yourself a copy of Tim Vine’s joke book… lots of great one-liners to put a smile on anybody’s face.

8 months ago

Tim Vine’s jokes are good but I’m better 😉
Thanks for all the suggestions……i need to lower my high standards (Ended up engaged to last “conquest” so there’s always hope

8 months ago

I dont use a wheelchair although my daughter does. She was born with short arms and is 19 years old. She is currently on her third boyfriend and is now engaged and living with him 😲
I think like the others say, if you can make a lady laugh and keep a smile on your face people will be attracted to you.
Also, dont lower your standards just because you are a wheelchair user. The right lady wont care in the slightest as your personality will shine through 😊

8 months ago

@djdsouza , referring to Ladies as “conquests” will win you no female friends.

Personality and treating with respect will help you win through.

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