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Dating with MS

Hi all. Dating can be complicated when you have MS. Others without MS often get frightened and confused by it all. Does anyone have any tips on dating, good websites or groups to meet people?

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8 months ago

Hi @hudson247 my approach was to be open about it, almost making light of. I was diagnosed in 2000 & went on a few dates. I’d always say something along the lines of “just wanted to let you that I have MS, it’s no big deal, just didn’t want to seem like I’m hiding it” obviously I’d only say this if I was interested, no point otherwise :)I’m
Sure other members will point you in the right direction for other sites (I don’t know of any

8 months ago

Hi, I am married with two children so I have not had to deal with dating and MS. I was diagnosed 2015 officially and I have to say that if it had been any sooner and I hadn’t met my now husband I would struggle on the dating scene. When I tell people I have MS people often ask me ‘is that the wheel chair disease’ I laugh and have to educate them. So I guess all I can say is be yourself, MS doesn’t rule your life, it doesn’t change who you are or define who you are, just explain to them that it is unpredictable but most people are lucky enough to live a ‘normal’ life 🙂

8 months ago

Sorry @hudson247 got distracted when responding to you earlier. there’s nothing to stop you using a ‘regular’ dating site, of course. I’ve been with my partner for 13 years & it’s only the last 3 that my MS has really affected me (odd relapse aside before). I’ve never had a relationship with a fellow ‘sufferer’ & personally I could think of nothing worse as I think MS would just be very where! If someone really likes you they’ll see past the MS, knowing that’s not your entirety. Good luck mate 😉

8 months ago

Thanks Craig and Holly. Appreciate your kind words. I think you are right I’ve been open an honest. Sometimes it bites you but better to be up front.

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