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Curious about the Ms hug.

I don’t believe I have ever experienced this but I do believe a undiagnosed friend has. She has had a few incidences of intense tightening and chest pain almost like angina. Her mother has Ms but she won’t go through with furthur testing as she says she would rather not know. I on the other hand don’t think I have ever had this. I have had mild , pulling around my ribs but always chalked it up to exertion or pulling something. I guess the question is can you have Ms and never experience the hug? I also have never experienced Optic Neuritis? I have been told I present atypical in regards to Ms anyone out there been told that?

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1 year ago

I had a summer where I had MS hug before I was diagnosed, my arms would go numb and then I would have pressure and tightness in my chest. It thought I was having a heart attack. The doctor listen to my heart and said everything was fine, that I was probably drinking to much caffine. I haven’t had optic neuritis, I do have a lesion very close to my optic nerve. I had a small hole in my vision but when I started a DMT it closed up. Lesions can be anywhere, depending of the location MSer’s have different symptoms. I had quite a few lesions when I was diagnosed, I have a few problems with spasicity but my main problems seem to be heat intolerance and cognitive problems. Spelling, math and memory skills are sliding down hill at a fast speed. Potter

1 year ago

optic neuritis, that’s my speciality, a year or so ago I noticed my vision in one eye in particular deteriorating over 48 hours, shot off to the eye clinic it’s optic neuritis, probably my second lot in four or so years but this one was much more aggresive, within three days one eye was totally blind & the other was already milky vision from the previous episode, the sight had faded too.
on a sort course of steriods & over a fortnight the vision began returning to a functioning level, it’s been a further 12 months for my eye sight to return enough for me to be comforable enough to drive again. during an attack the eye hurt as it tried focusing, I did try getting glasses later but that was ineffetive. as the optician didn’t understand MS, apart from complete blindness which is easy to describe, i also whent through stages where, it was like looking through wrinkled sellophane, a very foggy day, I couldn’t see peoples faces properly, no facial expressions, I couldn’t see sudden changes, eg car indicators or break lights, so it’s never been a constant settled vision problem with me.

1 year ago

Hello @sonia1984

You don’t have to have all MS symptoms to have MS, so there are plenty of us without the hug (I have it permanently…it was diagnosed as indigestion and then as a trapped nerve). Yet I have never had O.N….I’ve had oscillopsia instead, which is a known MS symptom. While I find it hard to believe, there are people with MS who don’t even have fatigue – wow!!! You might have mild MS hug and perhaps you have become so used to it that you barely notice it.

Take care xx

1 year ago

Mines started with just tightening around ribs but more recently went up to chest and around back too. Your friend should get her heart checked just to be on the safe side if she doesn’t want further checks for ms.
Take Care

1 year ago

Hi there, I have have the hug, for me it was awful felt as if someone hugging me in a vice grip from behind. It only lasted a few days.

1 year ago

Recently experiencing sharp pain when move, joints stiff and pressure on chest. Doctor feels not MS related, but due to lifting objects….Unfortunately, I have not done any activities that would correlate my discomfort. EKG and X-Rays and blood work were clear and do not support neurologist’s thoughts. Has anyone else experienced the MS Hug? What can be done to help?

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