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I’m a newbie, and a very curious one at that, because I am seeing an almost total, dare I say it, blanket ban on talking about complimentary medicine.

I’m very interested in this subject as I see it changing lives with all illness/diseases and mindsets.

I’ve had wonderful results, so much so I decided to start using it.

I’d love to know what others think, because there seems to be a wall up, do not upset the apple cart, the medics know best.

Perhaps its time we challenged them.

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2 years ago

@moonstone – the name gives it away 🙂

ok I’m listening (& being a former hippy living in a tee pee I am open to various concepts)
what suggestions have you got?

2 years ago

Hi @moonstone and welcome.

I can’t say that the Forum is averse to any complementary therapy. We’re often discussing HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) , yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, to mention just a few.

We welcome tales of personal experience.

2 years ago

The main thing I take from complementary medicines is that they can put your body in a better place so that it is more receptive to the conventional treatment. Any drug is going to be more effective if it is working in a healthy body and with MS (I guess with other illnesses as well) there are multiple reasons why it’s so hard to keep in shape. So yes – bring them on. Just don’t imagine they are going to alter or replace the action of DMTs.

2 years ago

Hi, I would much rather take complementary than conventional treatment, I am very allergy to lots of conventional drugs so I am not any DMTs drugs,I follow a strict diet I haven’t had any relapses in 5 years, I am more interested natural treatments, I do Taichi and find my balance is so much better since starting Taichi and I try to do meditation everyday.

2 years ago

Complementary medicine will not cure you so i am out!

2 years ago

I think we’re all wary of ‘snake oil’ salesmen!!
But complimentary medicine is just that – complimentary, intended to enhance holistic care, not replace scientifically proven medicine. If I rely purely on complimentary therapies (as MSers had to until about 10 years ago) I would definitely get worse because my MS is very aggressive.
But with Tysabri I can slow MS down considerably, and the complimentary therapies that I use – mindfulness, pilates, HBOT, – help me to remain focussed on today and get the most out of life!!

2 years ago

I read a lot abt complimentary medicine and try to use it as much as possible
Indeed I wouldn’t give up a “normal” treatments but im a strong believer that complimentary med. can help soooo much!
Im at the beginning of it all so im still doing lots of research on this.

2 years ago

I am with Kinga on this, let us know what you have on your mind. There is probably someone here that has tried it. Potter

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