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Hi everybody.
Been to stubborn up to now but I have got to accept that I need a walking aid. I can walk for short periods, but then get tired and start dragging my left leg. This affects everything we do as a family! So, any tips from crouch users? Regards to types.

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9 months ago

Hi Paul
Literally, just had this conversation with Occupational health. I am also struggling like you, with walking but I’m hoping it will improve with rest and the balance exercises given to me by an amazing physio. The physio explained that if we are struggling we are using loads more energy just to walk and balance. Physio suggested a walking aid and I tried it along with a foot brace. I admit to being very stubborn but I’m definitely going to start using one as it makes massive difference. Mine looks like a crutch and I have one, as my left leg is currently weak. Like you, I don’t want to impact on family time which is what’s happening now.
Good luck
Try it and let us know

9 months ago

@paulmorrison , this sounds like classic footdrop :-

You might find that an ankle foot orthotic would help your walking. And conserve energy too.

You might want to consult a neuro-physio first though.

9 months ago

Hi Paul, have you thought about getting a scooter? I am a 61 yr old grandma, so it might be an age thing, but it is one of the best decisions I have made. You shouldn’t let it affect family activities, my scooter means I can go across quite rough ground, take 2dogs out, shopping etc., but the only drawback the baskets on grandma’s scooter becomes the repository for jumpers, empty bottles ad any extraneous rubbish to hand on a walk. My scooter comes in 4 parts went in the back of the car when I had one but mr government in his wisdom has just taken my Mobility car away so thank god I bought it last year. Keep doing all the things you can with any help going. Jill xxx

9 months ago

I’m 35 I have a scooter as well but I hardly use it but it is a god send just to have it. Just in case really, I have had the MSer for 14yrs but not it get to me I am beating it!

9 months ago

I used an open cuff elbow crutch at first but use a foldable stick now as finding a corner to lean the crutch just got tired.
I find using either can lead to muscular pain as it can misalign my body a bit, so I try to make sure to massage the tight areas and also do exercises/stretches regularly.
I have a foot-up for when my balance is okay but my favourite was when I had an FED.

9 months ago

Thanks everyone for your help, I am already using a ankle foot orthotic, helps but doesn’t get me to walk further, I am borrowing some crutches today to try out, will update if there success.

9 months ago

Until you get a proper neuro physio assessment you are ‘stabbing n the dark’, because the only solution that will work is the one that is the fit for your particular issue. As I discovered, it’s a specialist field and there is a lot out there. Crutches may or may not be the best option. Have a look at Dynamic Walk, made by Fillauer, on YouTube. I got mine through a huge stroke of luck (meeting the right physio) and managed to get it via her on the NHS. It sorts the drop foot and it prevents the knee from hyper-extending. Very comfortable and weightless and has quadrupled my walking distance. Before that I had Functional Electrical Stimulation, which is often – but not always – available on the NHS. PM me if you want any more info. Best wishes – and don’t give up!!

9 months ago

HI there I have had ms for 6 years since I was 38 and have 3 very busy boys I was struggling with walking and my left leg dragging my husband bought me a scooter three years ago and a walker I was stubborn for a while but without his arm I couldn’t walk at all I can now go with my walker alone and if I do need a break I can have a sit down on my walker! Consider one I know it is a big step but made a huge difference in my daily outings.Good luck!!!!

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