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Hi all on this lovely snowy day. I have been diagnosed so far with probable M.S. after a severe bout of vertigo and double vision. This has left me with various problems – light headedness, balance and bladder issues and the worst fatigue i have ever experienced. My problem at the moment is at work where i have been really struggling. I work in a very busy cafe and since the vertigo my manager who was very understanding has let me stay on the till for most of my shifts ( it is difficult to stumble when sat down lol) Sadly my manager has had to leave due to medical problems of her own and we now have the manager from hell who i swear thinks i am making it all up. She makes snide little comments which wind me up and upset me. The worst one i feel is when i try to explain why i cant run around cooking in a very busy kitchen for any length of time is to say – well you are ok walking up a beach in weston i saw your facebook pictures. I tried to tell her it is completely different strolling slowly up a beach with my dog and sitting down for a cup of tea when i get tired to running around a kitchen or going backwards and forwards with trays. Nobody can possibly understand how this illness effects us but to be made out to be lying is horrible. How do you all cope with unfeeling spiteful people. Im hoping to leave my present position and move to another department at same company where the physical part of the job is easier. I am sad it has come to this as i loved my job when my old manager was there. She has now sadly been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy so has always understood how i feel and how stressful being given this kind of diagnosis can be (and vice versa). Sorry to rant but im feeling so low and unhappy at the moment as i am struggling to just get on with things like i usually do but look ok on the outside

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9 months ago


Not sure but I’d be interested to know him how others cope too.

Just remember your manager is the one with the problem not you.. she is ignorant


9 months ago

Oh dear @linzzzi, this is awful stuff. What is the next stage in the exploration of your diagnosis? That’s appalling that your manager is challenging you ability in this way. Really, really important: you need to keep a careful log of these comments, dates and if others overhear. If you get a diagnosis, you are well protected by law in the workplace. Although, from your profile I didn’t know which country you are in!

I don’t have vertigo and light headed ness. BUT although I could take a short stroll up a beach, I can’t turn round suddenly or move quickly in small places which makes it difficult in my workplace, a school full of classrooms.

If you do get a diagnosis you need for your company to arrange for an Occupational Health Assessment with regards to your duties. Don’t worry, the law and Shift is on your side! X

9 months ago

Neurologist told me he was looking at M.S. when he looked at my mri scan. Said he will not diagnose just yet until further tests. I had another mri scan done 3 months after first and there was no change. Since then i have had quite a few strange things the worst being bladder issues, ankle giving way and stumbling and terrible fatigue – concrete legs is how i can best describe it. I have an appointment next tuesday with neurologist after reporting these symptoms to doctor over christmas. You have described exactly what i struggle with in the kitchen at work – the sudden turning and having to move quickly. I feel like a total failure at the moment as without a formal diagnosis i feel nobody believes me as i do try to get on with things as best i can. Ty for your kind words – i am in the uk by the way x x

9 months ago

P.S i try to do walking as much as i can as i have a dog and he needs to go out. I dont want to just give in to the fatigue and give up doing all the things i enjoy. I had a lovely day with friends and dog on weston beach but it wiped me out for 3 days lol. This is what people cant see or understand and im so fed up of trying to explain it x

9 months ago

This is another thing she has said – “how can they just tell you it is m.s. and not give you a proper diagnosis. By telling you that you have it you will make it happen by thinking about it. Also and heres a good one – if there was anything wrong with your brain you would be in a wheelchair x

9 months ago

@linzzzi , have you noticed that ignorance now seems to be at epidemic levels?

You would have the protection of the Equalities Act 2010 in this situation, as you have advised the Manager of this situation.

You could have a quiet word with HR about this and see if they would support you?

9 months ago

Ask your ms nurse there is medication that may help with fatigue and bladder weakness. I was given AMANTADINE for fatigue and SOLEFENICIN for bladder weakness. Stay strong.x

9 months ago

Hi Linzzzi, I know you have’nt had the definitive diagnosis yet but rant all you like if it makes you feel better, but don’t stress too much, it’s not good for anything, especially MS! When I was first diagnosed (many years ago) I was in the local
with the other half, I could walk then albeit a bit wobbly, I had been sat for a couple of hours so was’nt too steady when I got up to leave, two ‘ladies’ in the corner quite loudly nudged each other and made comments about drinking. Apparently I turned round in fury and told them I wished I was ‘…Ing’ drunk Ican’t remember this but my ex still tells the story now! But things have changed, take all the advice about keeping a log, but it doesn’t really what the problem or disease is, everyone should be glad it’s not them. 😍 Jill

9 months ago

One thing you can do. WTF was she doing looking at your FB pictures? Unfriend her or change your settings. you don’t unhelpful people like that in your life!

9 months ago

@linzzzi ;

@reddivine typed exactly what I was thinking; but I will go one step further. Delete anyone & everyone from your FB site who is not 100% on your side.

Facebook is there for you & you only. A FB friend is someone you would willingly share an afternoon with. Obviously your “manager from hell” does not fall into this category… Delete her & everyone else who might share your FB posts with her…


9 months ago

Ty for your replies she could see the post as she is friends with one of the friends i go out with. She is now blocked lol so shouldnt be able to see anything that i am included in x

9 months ago

Hi Linzzzi. I have the exact symptoms
Your talking about except I haven’t been able to work let alone even sit up. The dizziness is extreme with the fatigue and the knumbing and pretty much every symptom u can imagine. I’ve been writing mine down and I’m not even diagnosed yet I’m just trying to listen to my body. Every day I get new symptoms. Now I ended up with pink eye in both eyes. This video gave me hope. It sure worth a try. I’ve
Had only 2 flare ups but they lasted 3-4 weeks and doctors don’t believe me. They think I have vertigo. I just had chemo
For 5 months to top it all off and a 3 week flare up is very close actually to a round of Chemo. I don’t ever want another flare up in my lifetime so I’m changing my diet to extreme eating. If anyone has suggestions to if cutting out gluten and dairy and basically switching to fruits and veggies and chicken/fish diet works I’m all ears? I will give this an honest effort for 90 days and get back to everyone if eating this way takes away infection/candida/bacteria in gut/inflammation cuz all the videos I watch they are too connected to not give
This a try. My brain feels so poisoned so I will do anything to help get rid of this inflammation.
I’m brand new at this but It makes
Sense to me. This dude made it 21 yrs without another symptom eating this way so I just hope it works cuz I’m at the point my wife has hidden my handgun on me now. Lol

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