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Crazy buzzing/vibrating?

Hey ya’ll,
This is my first post. Although I have a multitude of odd symptoms.. This is the one driving me bat-shit crazy today.. I have this intense vibration or buzzing in my back, chest and arms.. It comes on suddenly and kind of feels like internal chills.. So hard to explain.. Like a nest of bees. My other half looks at me like I’m nuts.. Which is entirely possible… But the buzzing /vibrating is real and it increases my anxiety.. Does anyone else experience this?

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1 year ago

Hi @islandsendmtk , does this occur when you lower your head towards your chest to look down? If so, this could be L’hermittes sign :-

1 year ago

I get it all over my body when I lower my head, the lower I put my head the more intense it is

1 year ago

There is indeed some weird shit going on with me too ATM funny chills down one side never both at same time normally just at na nights time. If the cheese has slipped of your cracker mine has too welcome tet club lass.

1 year ago

That sounds exactly like I experienced L’hermitte’s sign. At first, I was frightened by it – not knowing where it was coming from -, until I discovered I could evoke the buzzing by lowering my head towards my chest. I can’t evoke it anymore, but sometimes it’s just there and I can feel my left knee buzzing.

1 year ago

My head is almost always bent forward when I’m relaxing because I can’t actually sit up straight. I have to slide down into a reclined position. So my chin is always pointing towards my chest. I do occasionally get lightening like shocks when I move my head to quickly. They are very fast and painful. Those lovely episodes make me feel as if I’m blacking out. It’s like an on/off switch one second your fine, then for a split second, terrible shock and the lights go out.. I suppose it’s time to put on my research hat and look into L’hermittes sign! Thanks guys.. ☺️

1 year ago

Hiya @islandsendmtk….Well I get those being hit in back, chest & arms with the Stinging nettles sensations……but, without the welts… & as folk say the L’hermittes signs do seem to get better over time for me at least, though lower back ‘buzz’ is constantly there……..all best with the research hat & you find some respite with those bat sh*t crazy & buzzing bee’s signs

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