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Cramp Charlie horse

I’m not diagnosed yet but I started having a Charlie horse on off in my left calf about 6 weeks ago, I know get them about 1 every hour for around 10 minutes and in botth legs from calf up to above hamstring.

Is this normal? Especially so early on? Also I’ve spent a lot of the last 8 weeks led in bed with a knee problem so could that cause these?


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3 years ago

@krisp , here’s some reading for you:-

I, too suffer from spasms. When trying to get out of bed, my legs can go into spasm, allowing the muscles to tighten. Then I get a calf cramp and am unable to stretch that out quickly.

I’m quite active, in an inactive sort of way, going swimming and doing yoga regularly.

Some members feel that a magnesium supplement helps the problem.

3 years ago

Thanks @stumbler
Does it sound like that though as they Are in different places on both legs? Also is this an early symptom?

Thanks again

3 years ago

It’s almost in calf then hamstring then other leg then gluteus it moves all over
And not so much if I’m moving

3 years ago

@krisp , it does sound like some gentle stretching would do you some good.

See if you can find something appropriate here :-

3 years ago

Does anyone have something like this after injections (well a couple days after) I’m not having cramp as such but I’m aware of pressure in my leg. First time it’s happened. No spasms, just wondering before I Fire off an email to my Ms nurse about it.

3 years ago

Hi just another question related to this
If I squeeze or rub the muscle in my hamstring it tightens up ALOT? Is that a symptom or a sign it may be more mechanical?

3 years ago

hi @krisp
I have spasms in some part of my body, all of the time. Recently it started in my left leg, just behind my knee. It was so tight that it has caused me to limp and I now have a walking stick that I use when I need to use it. Luckily, I do have better days now as it tightens then relaxes, whereas before it was just tight. However, I feel that my actual joint is affected and I am undergoing physio to strengthen it.
Take care of yourself and don’t do too much.

3 years ago

Hi thanks @chloeautumnx
I’m hoping it turns out to be something else as I don’t get it all the time and it moves around both legs, olus I’m not diagnosed yet so im guessing it would be early to have this? Unless it is part of the CIS relapse thing

3 years ago

Oh mate it just goes on and on. If any of you are still walking with only a stick your doing really well. Keep stretching and exercising more than ever before. As for swimming yoga Pilates etc. That’s all great if you can afford £100 a week. Good luck.

3 years ago

I may have jumped the gun calling them Charlie horses
They’re just tigjtness more than anything and nothing at present that stops or hampers my walking.
I’m walking fine so far and I hope long may that continue!
Nothing on mri or neuro exam as yet so I’m fingers crossed its mild or something else, it’s the combination and lhermittes that lends it to ms

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