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Could it still be MS ?

Hi, I have been feeling unwell for the last 5 Years, I think it may be MS always have done, I have had a brain scan some years ago which came back clear, should I insist on another one ? I feel like I am always being fobbed off 🙁 Nearly 6 years and I am still not any closer to know what is wrong 🙁
Thank you in advance for any feed back xx

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3 years ago

Hi Helen
What are your issues, some sympotms suggest Ms regardless of clear mri or not, this then warrants other investigations of spine and limbar luncture etc

3 years ago

Hi Krisp,
Thank you for responding, I have weakness in my legs the left is much worse than the right,
Pains in the left leg both on resting and walking, Hips are always feeling heavy and dull, feeling sick and generally unwell feeling, whole body feeling weak, I more than often have a tightness around my upper body feels like I am being squashed, I get bad headaches that last for days sometimes. there are lots of other little things too, They just say they have checked everything and have ruled out fibromyalgia and have just said its my spin but have been to see a osteopath and have been given 3 completely different results.

3 years ago

Hi @helenmarie0204 and welcome.

Your story is not an unfamiliar one. Unfortunately, MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose, with MS symptoms being present in various other conditions from a simple vitamin deficiency onwards.

That in itself doesn’t help you, you need answers.

Can I suggest that you compile a short, concise list of all the weird things that have been going on with you? If you could add dates in too, this would be helpful. Then take a copy of this list to your GP and discuss it with them.

Hopefully, your GP will take a more holistic approach, and work with you and the specialists, to get to the bottom of all this.

Sometimes, you have to be assertive and demand answers. This is an acceptable approach, as long as you remain polite.

3 years ago

Thank you, I will. I have kept a record before, but did not seem to make much difference.
I have an appointment in a months time so will do one until then to see if its helps.

3 years ago

@helenmarie0204 , just don’t accept “I don’t know” as an answer. If they haven’t got the answer, do enquire as to what the next steps are to achieve a diagnosis. Always ensure that you have a way forward. 😉

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