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Coping with High Stress situations

I haven’t posted here in ages but I have been super busy with work hope everyone is doing well.

So anyways lately at work my level of stress has gone right up, I had my easy going job then I got promoted to a supervisor position for two centers instead of my usual one. So I was hoping my fellow MSers could help me out with some strategies to combat stress issues. my workload and responsibility has increased dramatically and I’m not sure i’l be able to keep up with it.

Thanks in advance.

Brando 🙂

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1 year ago

@brando , hmmm, strategies? Well, don’t get stressed!

But, seriously, you have to ask yourself whether this promotion is actually good for your health. There’s no point in earning a bit extra, if your body won’t allow you to enjoy it.

You’re aware of the problem, so keep the situation under review.

There’s a podcast here, regarding Managing Stress in MS, which might be useful :-

1 year ago

Hi @brando. Can totally relate. I could go on with correct planning, avoid work over night, delegate when possible but I am guessing you already went through those.

So in my case I tried Mindfulness. Now the key is finding in the agenda enough time to attend the sessions that will allow you afterwards to “do it by yourself”. Then maybe those mindful moments will help you, as they help me, manage the daily stress.

So…Mindfulness, give it a try 🙂

1 year ago

Hi, are you in the UK? Ask for some reasonable adjustments to allow you to manage work better – flexible hours, maybe some of your tasks can be done from home. HR should be able to get you an occupational health appointment where this can be discussed. I did this and it made a big difference. This can reviewed as needed or regularly to make sure the adjustments still suit your needs – this means telling your employer if you haven’t already.

For me exercise and sleep have become big parts to make sure I deal with stress – I run 2 times a week and I try and get a minimum of 7 hours sleep – ideally 8hrs. I started meditation a while ago but stopped – but I’m planning on starting again to help me focus better while at work.

1 year ago

Appreciate the responses, I’m currently in a line of work where I have a duty of care for an entire facility and its the kind of job that will throw a lot of curve balls at me like pool chemistry issues, dealing with disgruntled customers, being an advance first aid assistant to everyone in the facility. managing lifeguards, cleaners, reception staff, gym staff, kids gym staff and so on.

but I guess I just had a really stressful week with a few serious first aid incidents and the local council in my area starting a big investigation into everything that had happened.

I think I’m going to give mindfulness a go. Thanks for the help everyone.


1 year ago

Sleep is such and underappreciated commodity in the modern world so I’d say ensure you’re getting enough so your body, and mind, are rested (remember they have extra work to do with MS).

Mindfulness, fit into this thesis.

Best of luck!

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