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Copaxone Injection Sites

Hi everyone,

I have been on Copaxone for about two months now and I am still struggling with the injection site reactions. Even up to a week after an injection the injection site is still itchy and painful. Does anyone have any tips to make this a bit more tolerable?


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7 months ago

@sammy93 , this is a common problem amongst Copaxone users. In fact this is the 4th post with the title of “Copaxone Injection Sites”.

On this basis, it would be a good idea to search through the previous posts. The Forum Search function can be accessed by selecting the magnifying glass (top left). Then searching for “Copaxone Injection Sites”.

7 months ago

Thanks @stumbler. I did that before posting but couldn’t find anything with any tips xo

7 months ago

@sammy93 , try Googling “proper injection technique” to get some generic advice. Plenty of videos to watch……..

7 months ago

Not on Copaxone but had 23 years of weekly Avonex injections with red and itchy sites. Found they got less and less after a few weeks, flamed up again each time they ‘improved’ the make-up of the injections (4times in 23 years) so can only hope the same happens to you. Must admit I was put on Tecfidera at the start of this year and am thoroughly enjoying 2 tablets a day versus the big weekly injection.😍

7 months ago

I was on Copaxone for 9 months, what helped me was to use an ice pack (wrapped in a tea towel) straight after I injected, i left it for 20-30 minutes and it eased the pain. I did find 3 times weekly injections were more painful than the daily ones. The other point is injection technique. I abandoned the injection equipment provided for me within a couple of days…so painful! I went to the self-injection direct at 90 degree angle, very much better. If you’re not confident with that method suggest you ask your MS nurse to help you with that method.
good luck !

7 months ago

I injected Copaxone every day for a year. The hardest and most painful place was behind of my right arm(I am right handed). Warm compress was very helpful for me. Subcotaneous injection is the best case, not Intradermal and not intramuscular. Make sure the depth of needle is correct. I never had any reaction.
Take care

7 months ago

I’ve been doing daily copaxone injections for 10 years. Gave up on the back of my arms looong ago. Still get the odd itchy lump reaction. I find dabbing on some witch hazel helps to cool the spot and constricts the blood vessels if you have any bleeding. Calamine for itching. 😊

3 months ago

Thanks for all your responses everyone. I am no longer on the Copaxone injections thankfully. I was offered Lemtrada and felt that was a better choice for me. I think I may have struggled so much with the injections as my body has a very low fat percentage so some areas it was impossible to inject in, and others you completely painful whenever it hit any muscle or any nerves.

Anyway, very happy I never have to inject with Copaxone again. I’m sure another user will find all this info and find it very helpful xxx

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